Thursday, October 31, 2013

Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont, Thursday, October 31, 2013

Aside from a layer of smog in the distant north and a cool afternoon breeze coming off the Bay, it was an exceptionally fine day for plein air painting.    And not too bad for hiking either.   So we took advantage on both counts for our first Hike & Sketch Paintout since May.    Interesting rock formations, wide swathes of green, yellow, orange, pink & red pickleweed marshes, humble but beautiful fennel stalks, and the angled maze of salt evaporation pond levees gave us plenty of subjects to choose from.

For more information about the Coyote Hills Regional Park, check-out:

Upcoming Paint Outs:
  • Thursday, November 7, 2013:    Byington Winery, Los Gatos
  • Thursday, November 21, 2013:   Roberto-Sunol Adobe, San Jose
Check the Watercolor Society website  or the November Newsletter for additional details

What the camera saw:   an intrepid plein air artist braving the wilderness

What the artists saw:
Leslie Grimm 
The low autumn sun brought out beautiful colors in the rocks and trees -- fun to paint!    Leslie 
Jane Saltman 
Rock Outcrop.    Jane
Brad Santos 
It took millions of years to make these beautiful rocks - Jenny gave us 20 minutes to paint them.   Brad
Marilyn Perry
Jenny Tero 
The view from the top of the hills was magnificent:  almost monotone, hazy and perfectly still.  When the breeze got up the colors of the water changed to a lovely aqua blue - but it was getting too cold to stay up there.    Jenny
Jane Saltman

Marilyn Perry
For hike and sketch days, I plan simple paintings, and I finish them within the time limit which is very enjoyable.    Marilyn

Jenny Tero 
The pickle-weed next to the almost dry marshlands was a glorious mix of colors in the early afternoon sun.     Jenny
Leslie Grimm

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