Saturday, November 9, 2013

Byington Winery, Los Gatos - Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blessed with a perfect day, sunny but not too hot, the vines mostly still held on to their autumn leaves and the scenery around them was magnificent.

For information about the elegant Byington Winery, check out:

Upcoming Paintouts:
  • Saturday, November 16, 2013:   Palo Alto Baylands 
  • Thursday, November 21, 2013:  Roberto-Sunol Adobe, San Jose 
For more information about these paintouts, see the Watercolor Society website or the November newsletter.
A fine day's work (photo by Yan Zunkel)
Dick Zunkel
As soon as we drove onto the site I knew this would be a good day for painting.  The fall scenery at and around the winery are breathtaking.  Like so many of the beautiful places we go, there is "too much to paint," so I chose the end of a row of vines.     Dick

Mary Paquet

"November Morning at Byington Winery":    Upon arrival, I did not even wander the beautiful grounds with fabulous chateau after spotting the breathtaking view of Monterey Peninsula from a picnic table. The overcast was still over the ocean, soon to be replaced by glorious cobalt blue skies. I loved the landscape shapes as the mountains marched to the sea.    Mary
Mary Paquet
"Artist at Work":    An artist paints the vineyard.   An olive tree dominates the left front, and colorful shapes suggest the orange-yellow vines and burnt sienna soil.  Distinctive evergreen shapes complete the scene.    Mary
Mary Paquet
"November in Byington Vineyards":   I painted the vines climbing the hillside while chatting with a new member who was thoroughly enjoying himself.  He joined our society because he likes plein air painting.  He found the group very welcoming.  I was not quite done when we were ready to leave, so I completed work on this piece in the evening with my Thursday evening art group.    Mary

Sylvia Waddell
There were still some small grapes on the vines and lovely colors and textures in the leaves. The view from Byington Winery is amazing with the trees and hills going off to the distant ocean, so that inspired me. Sylvia
Mary Raftery
... a beautiful day - what a warm, sunny and great location.    Mary
Jenny Tero
It was wonderful to see the ocean from the winery -  I like this view with a few autumnal trees to frame it.

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