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Allied Arts Guild, Menlo Park,Thursday, July 3, 2014

Allied Arts isn't "grand" or "elegant" in the fashion of Villa Montalvo or the like but it is an extremely comfortable and engaging paintsite -- which is, since it was created in the 1920's by artists for artists, exactly what it was intended to be:  a "happy" place for artists.   And, the years having added to its charm, still is.      We found plenty to paint and even more than usual to "share" during the critique --- we belonged there!

For more information about Allied Arts, check out their website 
Visit sometime and be sure to bring your painting supplies - you'll want to sit and paint

Upcoming Paintsites not to be missed:
  • Thursday, July 17, 2014:  Rengstorff House (Shoreline Park), Mt. View
  • Saturday, July 19, 2014:  Menlo Park Caltrain Station  (bonus: the Menlo Park Connoisseurs'  Marketplace is held that day in downtown Menlo Park just blocks from the Station)
  • Thursday, July 31, 2014:  Hike & Sketch:   Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge, Fremont
 The Watercolor Society website and July newsletter have the complete details.    Watch for the special reminder from Dick for the Menlo Park Caltrain Station Paintout.

Here we are and here's what we painted (note, many are "works in progress" - check back later to see the finished paintings.)

Bonnie opted for the keen perspective of the garden path in the Rose Allee

The Court of Abundance (the Yellow Garden) --- an aptly named paintsite ...
John & Mary P.

John's painting #1 of the fountain in the Court of Abundance (under construction - the painting, not the fountain)

Mary P.'s painting of the Court of Abundance (the little chimney, or whatever it is, with its interesting shadows was a favorite subject.   As was the fountain in the foreground)


Lisha's painting of the Court of Abundance (see, there's the chimney again.  And the fountain too.)

Marilyn's painting of the fountain in the Court of Abundance


Nancy's painting of  the Court of Abundance; sans fountain (would you believe she's only been a plein air painter for just over a month?   A quick study for sure!)

Liz's finished painting of the Court of Abundance and the fountain
Caroline's painting
The courtyard I painted is full of memories of a happy gig and so I packed all the symbolism possible into this little painting.     Thank you for the opportunity to step out of the bounds of my everyday reality, Caroline

Another painting of the Court of Abundance - this one is Brad's

Mary R.

Mary R.'s first painting - another fountain - but a different one
Mary R.'s 2nd painting - a Secret Garden fountain dreamscape

Melanie (the artist) and her sister (the reader)

Melanie went for these enormous glazed vases on the steps leading to the Garden of Delight (the Blue Garden - you have to see the hydrangeas to believe them!)


Leonard found this giant blue glazed vase irresistible

Sylvia's little corner scene captured the essence of Allied Arts - the architecture, the flowers, the Portola Art Gallery
John's painting #2 - the archway leading into the Court of  Abundance with the Archway Building in the background


Susan's view of the Archway Building from the entry terrace

Rich's 1st painting in the Workshop / Barn area

Rich's 2nd painting of the arch in the Archway Building (in the background) --- with some artists (including Susan & Caroline) at work to complete the scene.

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