Sunday, July 20, 2014

Menlo Park Caltrain Station, Saturday July 19, 2014

The weather was perfect for plein-air painting. Few people were on the platform making an ideal opportunity for life drawing sketches. The nearby street fair presented no parking issues at the station.

Uma and Son
"We had the best summer weather while we painted at Menlo Park Station. It was warm, but not under shade; a light breeze blew and brought with it the music from a nearby street fair. When painting got a bit taxing, I turned to sketching. A demure lady sat on our bench and became a model until the train 430 arrived." Uma

Platform by Uma

Life drawing portrait by Uma



When I start a painting I often overlook the complexity of the subject. About a half-hour into this work I thought, "Why am I doing this?" That's when it's time to stop sketching and start painting.

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