Friday, August 8, 2014

Rosicrucian Museum, SanJose, Thursday, August 7, 2014

Not unfortunately, the string of hot, humid days which had San Jose sweltering and sweating as though it was Cairo, and which might have made for a more authentically "Egyptian" experience for the Paintout, ended on Wedneday and the weather was absolutely perfect on Thursday.   Not that anybody was disappointed as we stayed cool and had a wonderful day painting some of the buildings, fountains, and statues at this most interesting and unique venue.     Another good thing is that there's plenty more to discover and paint the next time we visit.

For more information about the Rosicrucian Museum visit: 

Upcoming Paintsites:
  • Saturday, August 16, 2014:  Gilroy Gardens Artists Access Day - contact Dick Zunkel at to make a reservation for free admission to the Gardens for participating artists
  • Thursday, August 21, 2014: Gamble Garden, Palo Alto
For full details, see the Watercolor Society August Newsletter


Here we are at work, cool & focused, perfect in every way.   Most of the paintings, however, are unfinished.    Also additional paintings will be submitted later - come visit again. 



As always, lots to paint!    Had to really work on values with so much white in the subject matter.   Anna

Broncha's painting of  cactus

As you look beyond the eyes of the sphinx, you will see the light of  learning shining from the library window.     The sphinx will not divulge the answers -- you have to find them on your own in the world's largest metaphysical library of the oldest of mystery schools.  The rose and cross symbolize the union of matter and spirit.   Caroline

Caroline's painting of the fountain


Chris's painting of rear of Planetarium

Dick's painting

Yan (Dick's better half)

Helen & Lisha painting the spectacular tile fountain which was the most popular subject

Helen's painting of the shady side of the fountain

Lisha's painting - also of the shady side of the fountain

Cathy and Alwyn (that's him peeking out of the top of the backpack)

Cathy's painting of corners - of the fountain and of one of the impressive buildings

Liz & Melanie (happily working in the sun!)
Liz's completed painting of the sunny side of the fountain

Melanie's painting - also of the sunny side of the fountain

First time Paintsite-ers Tom & Judith

Judith is an experienced journaler

Tom's painting of the fountain

Sylvia's value sketches

Sylvia's painting of the fountain


John's painting of the fountain

Marilyn's painting of the Research Library


Brad's painting of Thutmosis III (1505 - 1450 BC)

Amazing tree with exact amount of shade required to cover all of us during lunch & the  critique

Unidentified first time plein air painter - you can tell "first-timer" by the grimace and rigid arms

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