Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday August 16, 2014 Gilroy Gardens Gilroy, CA

What a perfect day for fun and painting at Gilroy Gardens. Twelve plein air artists arrived in the cool morning air to check in with the Gardens staff at the HR building. We entered the park and ventured in all directions to find the perfect spot. Many got caught up in the excitement of the park and enjoyed the facilities during the paint-out.  Special thanks to Marianne and the Garden staff for hosting us on a special day.








For this painting I took a "safe" approach and painted something recognizable.    Lovely and serene (the vegetation, rocks and water features -- not the painting), and challenging enough but not at all exciting.    My second effort was pretty daring - for me at least - submerged and partially submerged, lichen covered rocks, short water drops, swiftly running water with swirling string algae, and a few identifiable plants growing out of crevasses in the rocks.    Next time we go back, I'll give that same subject another shot.    Brad

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