Sunday, September 28, 2014

Special Event - Santa Cruz Paintout, Thursday & Friday, September 25 - 26, 2014

The two day Special Event Paintout (this just keeps getting better year after year) organized by Karen Druker and hosted by Santa Cruz residents and Watercolor Society members Shirley Motmans and Jane Ferguson is always a hi-lite on the Paintsites calendar.

Day 1:   Oh-oh - woke to rain in the Valley Thursday morning but by the time we got to Santa Cruz the storm had passed and we had a wonderful morning and afternoon painting on the Boardwalk.   Shirley had arranged for the 100+ year old Carousel to be open for our exclusive use and a number of us took advantage of the opportunity to paint the antique horses.     Other popular venues were the old La Bahia Hotel and Natural Bridges State Park.      Then, after a full day's painting, Shirley hosted a reception and critique in her spectacular ocean-front home.   Uninvited (but most welcome) guests were the whales broaching a bit offshore and the porpoises inshore.   Still, the star attraction was the artwork and Karen's always insightful and "gentle" critique:

The Boardwalk:

 Gargoyles on the Boardwalk:
Horses in the Carousel (check out the big teeth - pretty frightening!):

Painted from the Boardwalk:

Pat S.
 Natural Bridges State Park:

Jane K.
Day 1 Critique:
Everyone paying close attention to ....

Day 2:  Friday dawned fair and we had an lovely morning painting the Venetian Court from the Esplanade Beach.   The very interesting clouds over the hills to the north and east should have been a clue that things were going to get even more interesting.    And they certainly did with a sudden and fierce thunderstorm.   Getting to shelter from where we were painting on the beach was no problem.   Getting from the shelter to our cars, once it became obvious that the storm wasn't going to blow over quickly, was a different story.    So we showed up at Jane's beautiful house a bit wet but happy and ready to party.   So we did.

On the beach while the sun was shining:

 The Venetian Court:




Unfortunately, the Paintsites Blog staff photographer was too busy at the buffet table to note the artists of the following.    He also probably also missed any number of any other fine paintings completely.   Sorry.

Views from the Esplanade Beach:


The West Side - where it didn't rain

Day 2 Critique:

Karen makes a point

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