Friday, September 19, 2014

Mt. View Main Library & Pioneer Memorial Park, Mt. View, Thursday, September 18, 2014

An amazing thing happened the day of this Paintsite.   It rained!    Not much but just enough to clean the air and freshen the foliage.  That was the good thing.    The attendant humidity was not so good.  But we had a great day painting whether it was "Toad's Book Club" behind the Library, Pioneer Memorial Park between the Library and City Hall, City Hall and the Performing Arts Center, a piece of the Berlin Wall, or the friendly library patrons or staff who made us all feel welcome.     And, talk about welcoming, we welcomed Jenny back from her summer in the Olde Country.

For more information about the Mt. View Main Library see:
For additional information about the "Toad's Book Club" sculptures:
Couldn't find a good link for Pioneer Memorial Park so you'll have to visit in person.

Upcoming Paintsites and related events:
  • Thursday, September 25, 2014:  Santa Cruz Paintout - Day 1 *
  • Friday, September 26, 2014:  Santa Cruz Paintout - Day 2  *
  • Thursday, October 2, 2014:  Moffett Historical Museum and Hangar One 
  • Thursday, October 16, 2014:  Ardenwood Historic Farm, Fremont
* The deadline for signing up for the post-painting parties has passed but everyone is still welcome to join us for a day painting on Thursday, 9/25, or Friday, 9/26, or both days.   On Thursday we will be at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk where we've received special permission to paint the Carousel (which would normally be closed that day).    On Friday we'll be on the beach in Capitola.    
Check the Newsletter or website for complete details for all upcoming events. 
 "Toad's Book Club" was a very popular subject ...

Melanie & Liz
Melanie and Liz are Mt. View residents and are very familiar with the Library and Park.   It was Liz's recommendation that we select this as a Paintsite.    Thanks Liz.

Liz's "book Club" painting

Melanie's painting of same - note "Ratty" in the tree


Jenny's "Book Club" painting
Nancy T.

Nancy's painting of Mr. Toad

Leslie's sketch of Mr. Toad

Brad's Mr. Toad study

The Library grounds and adjacent Pioneer Memorial Park were also popular subjects ...


Lisha's painting of the Library itself.   The "Book Club" meets under the leftmost tree.

Dick's painting of a wheeled contraption one suspects Mr. Toad would no doubt covet.
Susan  working on a "Book Club" painting

Yan painting flowers next to the Library

Meanwhile, others of us painted in Pioneer Memorial Park between the Library, City Hall and the Performing Arts Center...

Helen painting Leonard seated on a park bench ...

Helen's unfinished painting of Leonard in the distance ...

Leonard seated on a park bench.

So, while Helen painted Leonard, Leonard painted some of the big trees in the park ....

... and the Mt. View City Hall & Performing Arts Center
new member Anu

Anu's painting of a service truck and workers

Dan, who hadn't painted with us for some time, makes a triumphant return ...

Dan's painting of a park path and the historic Masonic Lodge in the background

Doug, a guest of Dan and an oil painter, gives watercolor a try.   Better than pretty good I'd say.

And while Dan painted the park grounds, Melanie painted Dan painting.

Plein air painters are one tough group - witness Karen, a day after her accident, battered and bruised, painting up a storm.

Mary found much joy is observing (then painting)  a group of well behaved young children who, perhaps for the first time ever, got to pop open their bright colored umbrellas.   (Even though it had stopped raining by this time.)
  There were other things to paint too if one looked closely ..... 

Broncha's painting of an enticing porch swing in an adjacent neighborhood home
Laurie's evocative painting of  a piece of the Berlin Wall, the installation of which on Library grounds was a big political fight.

Leslie's all-about-color painting of end-of-summer flowers along one of the park pathways

And Marilyn's painting of two hanging baskets exploding with color in the City Hall plaza.

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