Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lucie Stern Community Center, Palo Alto. Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Lucie Stern Community Center, Palo Alto's 1934 Spanish Colonial Revival performing arts center, had lots to offer in the way of subject matter.   Gonzalo Rozo, the Center's facilities manager and our most welcoming, knowledgeable and enthusiastic host led a quick tour or the site and pointed out the most prominent features:   the Community Theater, the Children's Theater, the Children's Library, the central Courtyard and The Secret Garden.   That's right, a "Secret Garden" behind heavy wood gates!    With a name like that who could resist painting there?   Not us.

In addition to handsome buildings and tidy little formal gardens, the Center held memories for some of us:  Nancy's son was married here; Jane plopped her baby daughter in a stroller and wheeled her down to the Children's Library from her nearby home; and Brad learned to read in the Children's Library.

For more information about the Lucie Stern Community Center in Palo Alto, check out:

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The Central Courtyard with its rustic brick, yet formal walkways offered a fine view of the Community Theater ...


Laurie's unfinished painting of the Community Theater from almost head-on.

While Rich painted the same building from the side ...
And Mary R. did a quick sketch of an old tile roof.

Liz's painting of the wisteria at the entrance to the Children's Theatre

And Broncha found some pretty little flowers next to the brick walk in the entrance to the Courtyard.   (Please excuse the shadow in the photo.)
  The adjacent Children's Library, tho' not as imposing a building, has a charm all its own ...

Brad's painting of the Children's Library
Brad (photo by Liz)

And, now that you've made it this far, you are now entitled to enter ..... The Secret Garden!
Where you'll find ....

Bonnie & Mary

Bonnie and her painting of the wishing well and the Children's Outdoor Theater.

Dan working on a sketch of the Children's Outdoor Theater.

The sketch

Dan's finished painting of the Children's Outdoor Theater and the wishing well.

Dan's portrait of Lisha at work.

Lisha at work.

Lisha's painting of the Children's Outdoor Theater

Dick also chose to paint the Children's Outdoor Theater.

Dick's painting

Nancy T. arranged her busy schedule so she could join us and re-visit the site of a major life event - her son's wedding and reception.

Nancy's unfinished painting of one of the Children's Theater towers.

Yan and Rich in the Secret Garden

Rich's painting of the Children's Outdoor Theater

Helen painting, you guessed it, the Children's Outdoor Theater.

Helen's painting

Iris in the Secret Garden

Iris' painting in the Secret Garden - but not of  the Children's Theater

Jane in the Secret Garden

Jane's painting of the Children's Outdoor Theater

Elaine and Leslie in the Secret Garden

Elaine's painting of the wishing well

Leslie's painting of the wishing well

Leslie's painting of one of the Children's Theater towers

After lunch Melanie couldn't resist a Children's Theater tower for dessert

Dan, Liz, Leslie and Jane are still working.   The rest of us are eating lunch.

Dan, Broncha and Elaine finally taking a break

Lisha, Helen and Yan

Liz, Melanie and Nancy T.

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