Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cuesta Park, Mountain View, CA Thursday, February 23, 2017

Due to extremely muddy trails and flooding we had to cancel the Coyote Valley Open Space paintsite. After some quick thinking we rescheduled the paintsite to Cuesta Park in Mountain View. 

Cuesta Park is a city park with mostly paved trails, open grassy areas, plenty of trees, a playground area, a bandstand, and a meadow with the remnants of fruit trees including an old overgrown, moss covered almond tree - still blooming. Cuesta Park is a popular location for all, from toddlers to the young-at-heart and plenty of happy dogs eager to pick up the new the scents of spring. We had a beautiful sunny yet chilly day, and luckily, we caught the ornamental trees in full bloom, just in time before the next bout of rain. What more could a plein air painter ask for - pink blossoms amplified against a backdrop of redwood trees, and swathes of bright, green grass contrasted with dark shadows.

Editor's note: These are some of the most beautiful and skillfully rendered plein-air paintings I have seen. Everyone must have been inspired by the spring colors. RZ

One of several ornamentals in full bloom

Leisha and Helen painting view of the meadow

Helen and Leisha painting from one of the more sheltered spots

Srivani painting a striking view the shadows cast by the redwoods 

Marilyn, all bundled up for chilly but sunny day of painting

Marilyn’s painting of Zara, a very happy, red dog 

Marilyn’s painting of the blossoms

Mary’s painting of a back lit tree, capturing it's prominent shadows

Lorraine’s first of three paintings of Cuesta Park’s magnificent trees 

Lorraine's second painting

Lorraine’s third painting

Leisha’s first painting of the meadow view

Leisha’s second painting of the meadow

Helen’s view of the meadow with Marilyn, our hired model!

Srivani’s painting of Marilyn 

Srivani’s painting of the Redwood shadows

Jane’s painting of the pink tree in bloom

Candy’s ink sketch of the Redwoods

Candy’s ink sketches of park goers. Quite a popular spot when the sun comes out.

Candy’s sketches of owners walking their dogs  

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