Sunday, March 5, 2017

Winchester Mystery House - San Jose, CA March 2, 2017

After California's string of rainy days we finally had a bright sunny day. What better place to enjoy the brilliance than San Jose's Winchester Mystery House. Twenty-two artists enjoyed a glorious warm sunny day in the gardens of this famous site. There were many, many subjects to pick from: incredibly complex architecture and rooflines, fountains, statues, a beautiful flowering tulip magnolia tree, and a leaning fruit drying shed with a crooked door. For more information about the Winchester Mystery House click on this Link 


Iris's painting


LuAnne's painting


Anu's painting (How did she finish on time with this much detail?)

Anu's second painting with the "door to nowhere"


Joe's painting with the climbing vines

Lois and Jayne

Lois's pen and ink drawing

Jayne's painting in her sketchbook


Leslie's painting

Leslie's close-up painting of a garden angel

Lisha and Helen painting the Cherub fountain

Lisha's painting of the Cherub fountain

Helen's painting of the Cherub fountain

Marilyn's "Sharpie" single point perspective study


Annie's painting of a tulip magnolia


Bonnie's painting

Grace's painting


Lorraine's painting

Lorraine's painting of a garden angel

Jane P

Jane P's painting

Joy, Salinda, and Liz

Salinda's painting

Joy's painting


Dick's pen and ink painting of the leaning fruit drying shed

Jane S

Jane S's painting with blooming trees

Cindy's pen and ink sketch

Cindy's Apple iPad pencil sketch

Liz's painting of the cupola

Plein air artists' lunch and discussion

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