Saturday, March 25, 2017

Kirk-Farrington House, San Jose Thursday March 23, 2017

We were fortunate to have permission to paint at the Kirk-Farrington House in San Jose. The house is a beautiful Italianate-style Victorian built in 1878 by Theophilus Kirk. Luckily, the rain took a break and the garden presented  itself in its splendor. Many of the peonies were still in fine form and the wisteria draping over the gazebo was irresistible. Recent rains caused damage to the grounds but many flowers survived the storms and were blooming brightly. One unfortunate casualty was a fully mature lemon tree. It could not be saved, so the staff graciously offered us the opportunity to pick lemons to take home.   Link

Jane P’s painting of the Kirk-Farrington House

Marilyn’s single point perspective sketch of the house 

Bob’s pen and ink of the house and redwood

Jane S’s vignette of a front window

Iris’s painting of the peony Garden

Helen's painting of a peony

Candy’s pen and ink sketch 

Liz’s painting of a peony escaping through the fence

Lisha’s painting 

Jenny’s painting of the garden

Loraine’s view of the garden and house

Annie's painting

Leslie’s painting of the gazebo and birdhouse

Jenny’s painting of the gazebo

Cindy’s first painting of the wisteria

Cindy’s second painting

Kaaren’s view of the peony garden

Dick's painting of the gazebo and orange tree

Salinda's painting of the Gazebo

Candy’s pen and ink of Annie 

Candy’s monochrome painting

Entrance to the Kirk-Farrington House

Annie and Candy in the early morning coolness

The unfortunate lemon tree

The gazebo with wisteria

Group lunch and discussion on the lawn

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