Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saratoga Heritage Orchard Thursday, March 16, 2017

It started as a gray day at the Saratoga Heritage Orchard, but the clouds gradually lifted, revealing the tops of the coastal hills and sunny skies. Once again we were too late for prime apricot bloom, but the Saratoga Heritage Orchard has an extended blooming season due to its variety of flowering trees.  The small cherry orchard and the flowering crabapples near the Saratoga library were in peak bloom.  For those artists who really wanted to paint apricot blossoms, there were some individual apricot blossoms to paint close-up.

This redtail hawk is keeping his eye on us

Helen, Candy, and Lisha have finished their paintings

Helen's painting of apricot blossoms

Lisha's painting of apricot blossoms

Candy's sketch of an apricot tree

Candy's painting of an artist

Candy's sketch of Lisha

Liz and Kathy relaxing by the library

Liz focused on the blossoms

Kathy's painting of an apricot tree

Katherine was intrigued by the sky

Katherine painted the tree pruner who was enjoying mariachi music while he worked

Broncha is painting the library and flowering crabapple trees

Cindy's painting of a tree and worker

Srivani's first painting of the orchard

Srivani's second painting of the orchard

Joy's painting of the orchard with blooming trees, orchard equipment, large trees, and the Coastal Range

Srivanis' friend Bob painted orchard equipment that had sunken into the dirt

Leslie's painting of the sunken orchard equipment

Leslie's close-focus sketch of an apricot blossoms

Joe's painting of the library and cherry orchard

Marilyn's painting of the cherry orchard

Marilyn's sketch of cherry blossoms

Lorraine's painting of a cherry tree

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