Sunday, April 23, 2017

Agnews Historic Park April 20,2017

The Oracle R&D facility and conference center, a campus-like setting, was the former Agnews Insane Asylum. It consists of numerous beautiful buildings in the Mediterranean Revival style. Agnews first opened in 1889, and was rebuilt after the 1906 earthquake with low-rise buildings along tree-lined streets. It was specifically intended to be a “cheerful” place to bring light and air to patients.  Agnews Hospital closed in the late 1990’s and the campus was sold to Sun Microsystems (later acquired by Oracle). Today it is used as an R&D campus with public access to many of the buildings preserved for the park-like setting. With their elaborate brickwork and rich details, the Clock Tower Building, the Auditorium, and the Administration Building were a challenge and a pleasure to paint.

Agnews History  
Link to City of Santa Clara Parks

Joy’s painting of Clock Tower Building

Jane’s painting of Clock Tower

Helen’s watercolor sketch of Clock Tower Building

Helen’s painting of Clock Tower Building

Cindy’s ink sketch of Clock Tower detail

Cindy’s painting of roses

Leslie painting in front of Clock Tower Building

Leslie’s painting of Clock Tower

Leslie’s sketch of Joe painting Administration Building

Leslie’s sketch of tree

Jenny’s drawing of Clock Tower

Jenny’s painting 

Marilyn’s painting of Clock Tower Building

Broncha’s painting

Joe’s painting of Administration Building detail

Candy painting in front of Clock Tower Building

Candy’s sketch of Administration Building detail

Candy’s sketch of cars with tall palm tree

Candy’s sketch of vehicles

Ji-eun’s painting

Iris’s painting of Administration Building detail

Bob’s painting of Auditorium

Lisha showing her Auditorium painting

Lisha’s Auditorium painting

A group of picnickers

Another group of picnickers

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