Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Tulip Garden, Golden Gate Park San Francisco April 6, 2017

How was it?
Oh, it was great!
Really? The weatherman said it was raining in the City.
And windy.
And cold.
We are plein-air artists. We're used to it.
Were there a lot of tulips?
We saw a few.
How many artists were there?
I don't know, we were scattered all over the place.
How was the traffic? 
No problem, students and teachers were on spring break, but we got lost.
Lost? How can you get lost with a GPS?
Dick was driving.
How was the museum?
Those who went said it was exceptional and moving.
How was lunch?
Did you have a nice day?
It was great!

Link to Golden Gate Park
Link to the Palace of the Legion of Honor

The tulip garden

The tulips were mostly gone, but there were many beautiful flowers

The windmill

Cindy sketching under the windmill

Cindy's first painting

Cindy's second painting


Lisha's painting

Lisha's pen and ink sketch

Salinda painting the garden

Salinda's painting
Dick's pen and ink with watercolor wash
Not many tulips on this wet day but a beautiful pink bush caught Jane's eye.

It was windy
More photos from Marilyn

Beautiful artwork was painted inside these mobile art studios

Liz's painting of windmill

Joy's painting of windmill

Marilyn's painting of windmill

Mary's painting of tulips

Liz and Joy with sketchpads, ready to go inside Legion of Honor to sketch and to view "Monet: The Early Years"

Marilyn's pencil sketch of Spreckels Gallery inside Legion of Honor
Marilyn with Nude by Liz

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