Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Harvest History Festival, Mountain View Heritage Park, Sept 22, 2018

Back in 2017 our Thursday paintsites group visited Heritage Park in Mountain View to enjoy the park and paint.  When folks at the Kiwanis Club and the city of Mountain View saw our work on the blog they were very impressed and invited us to have a booth in the Inaugural Harvest History Festival on September 22, 2018 at Heritage Park.  They set up a canopy with table and chairs for us and we provided a plein air painting done there in 2017, a sketch book with sketches made in the park, and a studio painting of turban squash.  We had brochures of the Watercolor Society and Workshops, and many people stopped by to learn about our group.  Two artists, Marilyn and Jayne, painted in the park during the event and chatted with visitors including lots of children.  Those of us in the booth were entertained by Morris dancers performing right in front of us.  Later, the event organizer thanked us and commented that we brought some culture to the event.

Leslie and Brad are ready for the festival to begin.  Leslie's sketch book and
Annie's 2017 painting of the Immigrant House are on the table and Wendy's
painting of turban squash is displayed behind the table.

Leslie and Wendy are ready for the festival to begin.

Marilyn sat in a very conspicuous spot and was delighted to
chat with visitors, especially children, while she painted
her watercolor sketch of the Immigrant House.

Marilyn's watercolor sketch of the Immigrant House

Jayne's journal page showed the drummer
and his unusual drum set.

The Stragglyrs played folk rock and country rock.  Our booth was just
to the left of the band, Jayne sat right behind the band to paint the
drummer, and Marilyn sat just to the right of the band.  Marilyn found 
their music to be very pleasant for painting.

The Morris dancers performed right in front of the SCVWS booth.
Festival flyer

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