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Pigeon Pt. Lighthouse SHP, Pescadero. Thursday, September 20, 2018

The very last "Summer of 2018" Thursday Paintsite at the Pigeon Pt. Lighthouse on the beautiful San Mateo County coast was, in spite of a long drive, well attended and a great success:  Although there was a bit of a breeze, the day was clear and unseasonably warm and while we didn't exactly rush thru our painting, neither did we dawdle as this was our "Bring a Dessert to Share" Paintsite.   You can always tell the serious artists from the poseurs (like me) who thought we should eat dessert first, then paint.  Or maybe dessert followed by a nap.   In case you're wondering, the serious artists prevailed.

So while it's sad to see Summer end, what a Summer it was:  urban and Santa Cruz Mountains gardens; the Baylands; historic sites in San Jose, Santa Clara, Fremont (plus the John Ediger organized post-paintout visit to a great ice cream parlor); downtown Los Altos (with a sumptuous post-paintout pot-luck at Karen Drukers lovely home in Los Altos Hills); a South County waterfalls Hike & Sketch; and animals in San Jose's Happy Hollow Zoo (after which we celebrated Marilyn's birthday with a serenade and cake).   (If you noticed a theme here you're to be commended as it shows you're a perceptive reader.)

But don't despair at having missed these paintouts, the "Fall of 2018" Thursday Paintsites calendar developed by Marilyn Perry & Jane Saltman will be just as challenging and fun! 

For more interesting information about Pigeon Pt. see the official website at:

 Upcoming paintsites: See the SCVWS website or the September & October Newsletters for details:

  • Saturday, Sept 22, 2018:  Special start time: 9:00 AM: Special event at Heritage Park, Mountain View.  Weekend Paintsites with Alison and a SCVWS booth run by Leslie in which to display members artwork.  (No sales.)
  • Thursday, Sept 27, 2018: Ainsley House, Campbell
  • Thursday, Oct 4, 2018: Martins Beach, reservation required, members only
  • Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018:  Fall Harvest - Jacob Farms / Martial Cottle CP, San Jose.  Check the October Newsletter for detailed info about parking, etc.
  • Thursday, Oct 11, 2018: Ardenwood Historic Farm, Fremont
  • Thursday, Oct 18, 2018: Mountain View Main Library/Pioneer Park
  • Thursday, Oct 25, 2018: Clos LaChance winery, San Martin
Shows & Exhibits by Paintsites Regulars:
Paintsite Regulars on TV/YouTube:
Candy Yu was interviewed for two installments of  the "In Our Community" program which aired on KMVT15 Community Media in August.  Each installment is about 25 minutes long.  You can view the interviews at:
Edward Rooks discusses his wildlife paintings (and his interesting life) with Valentina Design Universe:

Also, see Edward's Flikr album of the Pigeon Pt. Lighthouse paintout at:

Artists and their Artwork:
Working from closest to the lighthouse and progressing to the farthest away, we'll start with Mary R.

Mary R. bravely set-up on the exposed side of the Point and was rewarded
with a great view looking south while most of the rest of us looked west.
Mary R's painting of the Point

Positioning just east of the lighthouse were John and Janice ....

John. (It's said one should always "smile" when painting as it involves muscles that promote creativity.  John is always smiling which is probably why he always creates such wonderful paintings!)
John's painting


Janice's painting

There are two observation platforms at the end of a boardwalk (depicted in several of our paintings) on which Indira, Sham and Helen set-up.  Perhaps 200 ft. from the lighthouse, they were exposed to the wind but that didn't stop them ...


Sham and Helen, high above the ocean, at the outermost observation platform.

Helen's painting of the lighthouse ...

... and her painting showing the whole  scene

Sham's painting of the lighthouse

A little farther from the lighthouse, Kaaren turned her back to the lighthouse to depict an equally interesting scene ...

Kaaren's painting of the bluffs and pocket beaches between the lighthouse and Gazos Creek.   The ice-plant and native plants draping over the bluff were subtly beautiful -- the longer one looked at them, the more colors one found in them.

Kaaren's "10-minute" sketch.   (She confessed that maybe it was actually a few minutes longer than that -- but not many.)

Brad's painting of Prisoner's Rock and the coast down to Gazos Creek from Whaler's Cove beach

Brad's quick painting of the lighthouse from Whaler's Cove beach.
The largest group of artists set up about 1/3 mile from the lighthouse on the bluff trail above Whaler's Cove ...

Candy, Elaine, Lisha, Marilyn, and Edward.   (John was just passing thru on the way to his "perfect" spot.)

But, before they started painting, Elaine, who'd recently had a nasty experience with ticks when hiking very near where we painted, brought some DEET and spayed the shoes, socks and pants legs of those it was determined might be in a danger zone.  Thanks Elaine -- so far so good - no reports of tick bites.


Elaine's painting

Candy's painting of the lighthouse and the bluff.

Candy's Tombow & ink sketch of the lighthouse with Elaine in the foreground.

From the trail back to the lighthouse, Candy's painting of Prisoner's Rock

Lisha holds on to her hat when a big gust hits.!

Lisha's 1st painting focused on the lighthouse ...

... while her second expanded to show the promontory and bluffs


Edward's painting of the lighthouse.  The ocean, both in Whaler's Cove 
and out to the horizon, was many hued -- which Edward captured very well.

Thursday Paintsites Coordinator Marilyn

Marilyn's painting of the lighthouse.  Here you can clearly see the railing of the
boardwalk at the end of which Indira, Sham, and Helen set up.

Tiangong set-up in a small parking area just off Hwy-1, about 1/2 mile east of the lighthouse ...

... where he painted the whole of the park from Prisoner's Rock in the middle-ground to the lighthouse above Whaler's Cove in the distance.
 Lunch then Dessert ....
Almost in the shadow of the big attraction we dine ...

Then, our "sugar" break over, energized, we Show & Share our work:

Finally, after the day's "business" has been concluded, some of us visited the Pigeon Pt. Lighthouse Museum...

... where we pose with the magnificent Fresnel lens which was housed in the lighthouse until it was replaced with modern equipment in 1976.

Finally, we recognize a painter, perhaps not exactly an "artist", and probably not a SCVWS member, who also labored away with a brush during our paintout...

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