Sunday, July 28, 2019

Portola Vineyards, Portola Valley, Thursday, July 25, 2019

We have visited beautiful Portola Vineyards in the fall, but this is the first time we visited in the summer when the green grapes were on the vine.  This was our last chance to see the ripening grapes because soon the vineyards will be netted to protect the grapes.  Thank you to our hosts, the Lehmann family, for allowing us to paint at these lovely vineyards.  Thank you to Liz for leading this paintsite while the co-coordinators were both out of town.  Thank you to Edward for helping Liz with photography.
It was a very warm day but we had lots of shade from all the big trees and lots of water available. From the interesting old reddish barn to the very green vineyards with green grapes to the old brown water tower to the beautiful blue pond to the dark evergreens to the golden grasses we had a very colorful environment to paint in.

For more information about Portola Vineyards visit
For more photos from the paintsite, see Edward Rooks's Flickr album:

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Artists and their artwork:

Brad by the grapevines and roses

Brad's painting of the vineyard

The green grapes are on the vine.

Lauren and Caroline

Lauren's painting of the vineyards and roses

Caroline's painting of the vineyards and roses

Caroline's pencil sketch


Cindy's sketches in her sketchbook


Helen's painting of the vineyards and roses

Sham and Indira

Indira's painting of the vineyards

Sham's painting of the swimming pool

We were very happy to have a new member, Kathy, paint with us.

Kathy's painting of the old wood staves and 
rusty steel cables on a water tank

Edward's painting of the pond

Elaine by the pond

Rich and Caroline by the pond

Rich's painting of the pond

Bruno, a busy border collie, kept us entertained while we painted with his need
to chase a stick, twig, ball, anything he could get anyone to throw for him.
Here we see Bruno with our host Len Lehmann and Elaine.

Our artwork on display

Thank you to Liz for leading the paintsite while
co-coordinators Jane and Marilyn are both out of town.

Liz is showing Helen's painting.

A posed photo of our artists

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