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A Tribute to Marilyn, Part 2: Artwork and other Memories by Paintsite Members

Elaine G.

Rose Garden by Grace, May 3, 2018 

Window into Hidden Villa by Kaaren
I have such wonderful memories of painting with Marilyn there.

Marilyn loved to paint Eucalpytus trees and was always on
the look out for new sites with these colorful beauties. 
Jane S

A portrait of Marilyn by Mike G

Waiting on the Roof by Tanvi

Marilyn Walking on the Street by Iris 

This sketch is the first plein air painting I did with the group,
and the first introduction to Marilyn and her bubbly personality.
I will cherish them both.

Marilyn was interested in so many different subjects
including plants and astronomy, and I wanted to incorporate
all of them into a painting.

Marilyn  at Jane K's House by Wendy

Marilyn and I shared an interest in birds. When I saw all these
species of sweet bluebirds this spring, they reminded me of her
blue eyes, pink hat and kind gentle manner!


 I think my favorite times painting with Marilyn were at Hidden Villa.
 We were together there many times.  I especially remember the time 
she arranged for the tour of the Duveneck House in 1915. 
Marilyn was always reliable and good spirited. 
She had such a kind heart.Emoji I will miss her. 

This is one of my paintings I did in a class with Marilyn. I was very 
fortunate that Marilyn and I were table mates in my first watercolor class. I didn't  
know it wasn't a class for beginners! Marilyn graciously encouraged my efforts and 
generously shared her knowledge of the medium. I will never forget her
kindness and friendship. 
Betty W

In Marilyn's honor I painted one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen, a
Hyacinth Macaw that I saw on a road trip to Brazil. It is longer than any
species of parrot, and is the largest flying parrot species. It measures 1m
from beak to the tip of the tail, with a wingspan of 1.5m, and it is spectacular.
Lora C

Marilyn loved to photograph herons and other birds when going
 birding with the Audubon Society at the Sunnyvale water 
treatment center.

Each Thursday morning Marilyn was like a happy bird greeting us.

Water Birds by Salinda

In honor of Marilyn, who loved animals and was learning
all about bird sounds.  This heron posed for me the last time
I painted with her at Bear Creek Redwoods Nov 7, 2019.
 I will think of Marilyn every time I hear a bird sing.  


A respected art critic (the resident expert) thought the birds looked a
little too large.  I consider them prime examples of post-modern
perspective rendering. Another critic (actually the same one) thought
some of the people looked like they were fishing -- none are --
they're all painting!
Brad Santos

Marilyn by Lisha

Love and remembrance for Marilyn from Indira & Sham

Marilyn was so warm and welcoming. My first official paintsites event was last August at Montalvo, although I had met Marilyn the week before at Happy Hollow, where I had come on my own to sketch. Marilyn made sure to make me feel welcome and very quickly discovered that we shared an interest in birds. At Montalvo, in our brief conversation, I learned from Marilyn that it is possible to tell the difference between a Red-tailed Hawk and a Red-shouldered Hawk by sound alone. I can now hear the difference. I thought it was fitting for me to paint a Red-tailed Hawk in tribute to Marilyn, who I wish I had had the opportunity to know for a longer time. I painted my hawk from a photograph
I took a few years ago of a Red-tailed Hawk on a nest at Mojave National Preserve. 

Kathy K.

I was surprised by this fawn in my neighbor’s front yard last week - 
so it seemed perfect for the tribute to Marilyn. 
Mary R.

I am saddened to hear the news of Marilyn's passing. She was a brave,
kind, delightful, and gentle lady to be with. I will miss her smile,
her pink hat, and her dedication to our plein air group.
Above is a painting I did at Frederick Lavender Field
in which Marilyn's pink hat and blue jacket was under an umbrella.

More Tributes to Marilyn

In addition to her love and dedication to her family, Marilyn had many other passions. She was a computer scientist by career, an avid artist, musician (handbell ringer), astronomer and birdwatcher, but I like to believe painting with the Santa Clara Watercolor Society was one of her favorite pastimes. Recognizing that computer skills were not my forte, Marilyn patiently and gently lead me through the steps, always congratulating my efforts. When it came to managing Paintsites she was steadfast, reliable and kept it running like a well oiled machine. She was an excellent mentor. Along with her iconic pink hat, she wore a beautiful smile for all - newcomers and regulars alike. Paintsites will miss her friendship and dedication to the group. 
Jane S - Paintsites Co-coordinator  

When everyone has found a favorite spot at the paint site, Marilyn would go around checking on everyone and taking photos of us. Important announcements were made during our lunch break. Always at the end of each paintout, Marilyn would take photos of us holding our work of the day. Often she would say to me " I can tell it is your work Grace, it is pen and ink. "Marilyn has been a very friendly and dedicated artist. We will all miss her! 

Marylin was always a friendly feature to paintsites, but she was also of great assistance to the Board in that her meticulous nature helped to catch many a mistake in our documents.  She also had a keen memory and could tell you just about every place paintsites had gone.  I will miss her smile most of all which she gave freely and with such genuine warmth.

When I picture Marilyn, she is always smiling. That was her attitude towards life. Even at the end, she was smiling and being strong, and only she knew what was going on inside - fear, immense courage, and the ability to make the best of it. I will remember her smile, her generosity, her welcoming spirit, and her passion and commitment for the watercolor society and its members.

She was always so enthusiastic about all the animals and the history.  Marilyn always took such great care of all the painters- making sure everyone knew where to get water or use the facilities, when we were meeting for lunch, making sure we shared our paintings both in person and on the blog, and of course, ensuring we had good directions in her weekly emails.  She worked incredibly hard, but always did it with a big smile and an interesting fact to share.  Every time I paint plein air, I will remember how lucky I was to share those outings with her.   

Marilyn was an inspiration for how to live one's life....kind, patient, accepting, inquisitive and so very helpful.  She will sorely be missed.

I was so sorry to hear of Marilyn’s passing! She was my first contact when I went to my first paintsite at Jane Kwant’s house. She was so welcoming and always had a smile and nice comment. I haven’t made it to many paintsites, but she was always there when I did go. I’ll miss her tremendously. Attached is a picture I took at that first paintsite I went to, and my somewhat haphazard rendition of it in my sketchbook.

I met Marilyn in Floy Zitten’s class where we all watched in amazement as she quickly mastered watercolor techniques and soon won an award as an emerging artist in the 2012 annual show.  When she took on coordinating paint sites she quickly mastered posting paint site information to the website and facebook. And most of all, we all looked forward to seeing her at a paint site with her pink hat, warm welcome and encouraging critiques of our efforts.

Marilyn was the first person I met when I started going to the SCVWS paintsites. Her bright, welcoming spirit put me at ease immediately and I felt comfortable painting and sharing with the group afterwards. As I continued to paint with the group over the past 3-4 years, I couldn't help but notice how she remembered everyone’s name and made sure to pay attention to anyone who was new to the group. She always made a point of introducing people to one another and starting a conversation by mentioning common interests that she knew about. Marilyn was so devoted to making sure things went smoothly for all of us, her perennially sweet soul is something I will never forget.

Thank you, Marilyn, for all you did for us. I have so many memories of painting with you that I will treasure. 
Cindy Ling 

I am so sad to learn of Marilyn’s passing today. Marilyn was a welcoming person to all who attended Paintsites and will be terribly missed by everyone that knew her.
Lisa Blaylock 

Marilyn with her sweetness & kindness made us love our Thursday paint sites and the challenges they presented. We admired her dedication to our group activity with her smile, & always a word of encouragement for our mornings endeavor.
Sham never forgets her kind disposition and concern for the group members. On one occasion when we arrived at a paint site we found her standing on the last available parking spot that would would be convenient for him. 
A lovely person we will truly miss.
Indira & Sham Bali 

I would like to, first of all, send my condolences to Marilyn’s family. I am very sorry for your loss. I have known Marilyn for many years. She was a student of mine in Los Altos. It was a great pleasure to teach her. She came to class very eager to learn, and it was wonderful to see her grow in skill and confidence over time. As I got to know her, it was evident she was a woman of many other talents. We found a shared interest in Astronomy, and met at star parties on several occasions. It was an honor to know Marilyn, and she will be sadly missed. 
Karen Bieber 

I remember Marilyn as always cheerful, helpful and encouraging to others, especially to newcomers to the paint site group. After participating in one of the Hidden Villa plein air painting days, I asked her if she could somehow arrange a tour of the inside of the property’s Duveneck House. She made it happen, and our group really enjoyed the tour. From now on, with every July 4th celebration, I will remember two women I admired—my mother and Marilyn. 
Laurie Barna 

I remember a very rainy paint site in San Francisco Golden Gate Park. I volunteered to drive up to the park and Marilyn rode with me. It was raining so hard that we parked near as we could get to the windmill at one end of the park and rolled down our windows and painted from inside the was such a lovely time talking with Marilyn and learning about her love of watercolor and star gazing. She was a fascinating person and I’m glad that I could spend that time with her. 
Liz Siegel 

I also am saddened to hear about Marilyn. I always enjoyed seeing Marilyn at paintsites, and at board meetings. She was kind, enthusiastic, and conscientious about making paintsites safe and successful. We will miss her cheerful presence. 
Jane Paulson 

Marilyn had such amazing energy and drive - I couldn’t believe how much. On top of organizing our next site, and practicing what she’d like to paint there, she’d be off to star parties here and in the Grand Canyon or Sierras. She sang in choirs. She’d head off to workshops on art journaling and bird watching. She had so much energy and interest in what life offers. And above all, she had a kind heart. As everyone is saying, I so remember her smiling and welcoming me, and making me feel so comfortable. 
Mary Raftery 

This is a tribute to Marilyn Perry who although I didn’t see all that often because of where I live in relation to the “paint sites” will always be remembered as a very classy sweet lady who made the events she was in charge of very special due to her presence. Welcoming and kind, at the paint sites, she will be remembered fondly. 
Martha Bredwell 

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  1. Lovely tributes to Marilyn! I remember her quiet joy, enthusiasm, and dedication to paintsites. The world is a poorer place without her.