Sunday, July 12, 2020

Week 17: July 5, to July 11 2020

Our Paintsites coordinators have decided to resume Paintsites! We recognize that the COVID pandemic is not over by any means, and we also recognize that many members will choose not to join Paintsites at this time. The blog will continue to be published as a Weekly Painting Blog for all our members with the same submission guidelines. 

Paint site Guidelines

Our second paint site is scheduled for July 16, 2020 at the San Jose History Park. You must check the Paintsites website for details including directions and possible cancellations. To keep our members and guests as safe as possible during the COVID-19 era, we must change how we do things. We ask that members let us know if you plan to attend (each week) by email at Some of our sites have limited visitor requirements. When we reach a limit, we will email you back with apologies. Plan ahead! Participants must wear masks and observe the 6 ft. rule. We will not be taking photos of paintings on site. Please take your own photo and submit to according to our Weekly Blog submission guidelines.  

Blog Submission Guidelines

We invite paintsite artists to paint or sketch during the week, pick one painting from that week and submit it by Saturday of that week. Here are some guidelines:
  • Submit a digital photo of your artwork to Cropped photos are preferred.
  • Include your name, the date and comments about the site or unique media notes.
  • Be creative! Some of your best subjects are in or around your home. You may want to paint from personal photos of your travels.
  • Submissions after Saturday midnight will appear in the following week's blog.
  • One submission per member, please.

Tribute to Marilyn
As a tribute to our Paintsites Coordinator Marilyn Perry who recently passed away, we are dedicating Week 18 of our blog (July 12 to July 18) to Marilyn. Using the same guidelines now in place you can submit, between those dates, a painting dedicated to Marilyn. Comments or anecdotes are also welcome. The painting could be one of a painting memory you shared with Marilyn, something related to wildlife or birds, or whatever subject moves you. The blog will also feature a gallery of Marilyn’s artwork.

In addition, there will be a tribute to Marilyn in the SCVWS August Newsletter. The Newsletter will also be accepting anecdotes relating to your painting experiences or your friendship with Marilyn. Please submit by July 15 to


Backyard hydrangeas by Joseph

"Maison du Lac was fabulous today! A little gouache painting of the dock and rowboat on the pond." - Elaine

Maison du Lac Redwoods by Alison

Maison du Lac by Susan B. G.

"I did this one while hiking around Mount Hamilton area." - Toni

“Best Friends Forever” by Dick

“Oslo Norway Cityscape” by Salinda

Painting inspired by a personal photograph by Indira

"Hidden Barns at Harvey Bear Ranch" by Annie

Portrait of Kipper by Jane S.

by Helen C.

Little 5x7 lounge chair sketch by John E.

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