Sunday, August 9, 2020

Week 21 August 1 - August 8, 2020

 Our Paintsites coordinators have decided to resume Paintsites! We recognize that the COVID pandemic is not over by any means, and understand that some members will choose not to join Paintsites at this time. With this in mind we will continue to publish the Weekly Painting Blog for all our members using the same blog submission guidelines we have used since March 14 . 

Paint site Guidelines
Check the Paintsites website for details including directions and possible cancellations. To keep our members and guests as safe as possible during the COVID-19 era, we must change how we do things. Some of the paint sites have visitor limits. When this occurs we will post the information in paint site details on the SCVWS website. Participants must wear masks and observe the 6 ft. distancing rule. We no longer take photos of paintings on site. Please take your own photo, crop if needed, and submit  to according to our Weekly Blog submission guidelines.  

Blog Submission Guidelines
We invite Paintsites' artists to paint or sketch during the week, pick one painting from that week and submit it by Saturday of that week. Here are some guidelines:
  • Submit a digital photo of your artwork to Cropped photos are preferred.
  • Include your name, the date and comments about the site or unique media notes.
  • Be creative! Some of your best subjects are in or around your home. You may want to paint from personal photos of your travels.
  • Submissions after Saturday midnight will appear in the following week's blog.
  • One submission per member per week, please.
A warm South Bay day did not deter our artists from their outing in historic Alviso. The sky and the bay were bright blue, but there was little shade to be had. Still they turned out some fine artwork. Others ventured out to other locations for a day of painting, or painted at home.


"Lain's Baits" Gouache, by Elaine

"Classic Alviso" by Mary

Value sketch, "South Bay Yacht Club" by Tanvi

"And put some color on it" by Tanvi

"Alviso Hiker" by Alison

"Mount Hamilton Meditation" Palo Alto Foothills Park by Caroline

"Boat in Alviso Slough" by Joe

"Green Boat" by Susan BG

"Kids at Play"  Wildwood Park, Saratoga by Salinda

"Wade in the Water" Wildwood Park, Saratoga, water-brush by Dick

"Floral" by Indira

"Artist and Onlookers" Alum Rock Bridge by Annie

Next plein air paintsite, August 13, Los Alamitos Trail, San Jose

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