Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gamble Gardens, August 16, 2012

Location:  Gardens were perfect - flowers (zinnias, sunflowers & dahlias) in full bloom;  vegetables (watch for Kaaren's & Linda's 'Peppers' and Dick's & Caroline's 'Pumpkin' paintings) bright and ripening.

Weather:   perfect too -  sunny but not hot (in the shade we wore lite sweaters).    Brad

Caroline Garbarino

Dick Zunkel

Anne Jacke

Laurie Barna

Marilyn Perry
Linda Arima

Brad Santos
.Janice and I have learned to live (more or less) with uninvited raccoons, squirrels, skunks, opossums & gophers in our garden.      But never yet had to deal with a rabbit.    So, if ever we do, I hope it's as well behaved and as handsome as the big fellow in the Gamble Gardens that patiently posed for me.


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  1. Sorry I missed the outing-loks as though there was plenty of inspiration at the Gamble Garden!