Thursday, August 30, 2012

Santa Clara Water HQ, August 30, 2012

An extra paintsite on the schedule.  Beautiful day, lovely painting weather in the shade of the trees, and lots of challenges with the reflections:
Caroline Garbarino
Brad Santos 
Altho' it wasn't programmed as a Hike-and-Sketch, our paint-out at the Water District --  what with the trek some of has to make from distant parking lots to the site -- turned into just that.     But it was worth the hike as we found some wonderful spots from which to paint a verdant little island in the main perc pond, the reflections of the trees on the island as well as the distant shore and the vivid blue-green water itself  --- so many colors!
Lauri Barna
It was a peaceful morning at the SCV Water District Headquarters, although I can never quite get used to the "unreal" color of that water in the percolation ponds

Jenny Tero

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