Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pete's Harbor, Redwood City, Thursday July 19th

SCVWS plein air group at Pete's Harbor (photo courtesy of Anna Jacke)
Another great day with lots of camraderie.  Enjoy everyone's work and comments below.

Leslie Grimm
I was intrigued by the unusual rudder on this big, dilapidated wooden boat.  I had intended to paint the wood with a dry brush technique but oops! I had brought hot press paper! Oh well!  Leslie

Dick Zunkel
I have been working more with water soluble ink.  It is so solid and black when painted dry but unpredictable when painted over with washes.  The more I use it, the more I like it and will "push the envelope" in the future.  Pete's Harbor is a great place to paint, though urban sprawl has encroached on this beautiful spot for the past 20 years.  Someday it will disappear altogether. Dick

Uma Kelkar
Windy, windy, windy. To the point of feeling grimy in an hour. Study book and charcoal pencil.
This is my final Thursday paintout with the SCVWS for as long as I can foresee. This has been my greatest maternity leave wherein I have nurtured a baby and myself through painting in a group. Who knew that painting could turn into a spectator sport? This Thursday’s spot was especially conducive to heckling and chatter as many artists huddled in a close knit spot at the harbor. The harbor; another hidden jewel in the bay area that I have come to know of thanks to Sylvia & Jenny who arrange the Thursday paint sites.
The group of artists though demographically very different from me – age, race, profession wise, has been a set of warm, welcoming people. The common thread that does run through the membership is the confidence each one has in his or her being – let he or she be at any point of his or her painting journey, they were sure they wanted to be there, were not shy of their painting skills and were generous with encouragement and advise. Folks, I enjoyed the painting sessions because of you. Cheers and let’s keep in touch( or my email address)! Uma

Anna Jacke
Our gathering at Pete's Landing was wonderful.  I enjoyed the scenery and the challenge of narrowing down my focus.  The changing light and expanse of blue sky and water made for some really "cool" paintings.  After lunch, I stayed on and challenged myself to draw and paint a refitted fishing boat to capture the essence of Pete's Landing.   Anna

Caroline Garborino
Pete's Harbor was a wonderful getaway, with welcome breezes on a very hot day. Here's my interpretation. Thanks again, Caroline

Brad Santos
Both Sue Newberry and I had the same thought --- to juxtapose the beautiful waterfront condos in the background with a somewhat funky live-aboard boat.    While Sue focused on a houseboat, I tried my hand at a trimaran which reminded me of one a high school friend built in Alviso and sailed to the Caribbean where he lived aboard for many years.   Given the choice, it'd be tough to decide which lifestyle to choose. Brad

Sylvia Waddell
It was another fun day out with great company. You guys (and gals!) are the best! This watercolor canvas was my second attempt. The first painting I was so unhappy with I just washed it off! This one wasn't quite how I wanted it either, but I was able to work from it and do a painting in my studio that I was much happier with. See my personal blog (Pleinairmuse) on the right for that one. Sylvia

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