Friday, April 12, 2013

Jane's Garden, San Jose, April 11th 2013

Our plein air group had lots of treats today painting in Jane Kwant's Garden. The great weather and a garden full of gorgeous flowers would have been enough, but Jane also generously provided drinks, yummie brownies, and oranges from her tree! Thanks Jane! We had a lovely time! Sylvia

Bonnie Sandler
This was my first time at a SCVWS paintsite. It was a great pleasure to meet so many wonderful artists. I had a lot of fun playing with these Iris. Bonnie Sandler

Clematis with Bee by Leslie Grimm
 I hadn't intended to paint this bee but it insisted on visiting the clematis, so here it is! Leslie Grimm

Judy's Iris by Michael Hogan
 Thanks Jane for inviting us to visit. I started a flower painting but, was more interested visually in what was happening between the painters and the flowers, the resonance of garden and figure. Judy was painted in the stealth. I have seen Judy paint before and known her to be an intense observer. I wanted to capture the delicacy of the action. The single flower helps to repeat this theme against dominant color and value mass. Thanks to Jenny and Sylvia without whom, there would not be these opportunities for SCVWS. Michael Rogan

Laurie Barna
 What a smorgasbord of flowers and floral scents at Jane's garden today!  Beverages, orange slices and brownies, to boot!  I could do this again.  I also enjoyed meeting the several newcomers. Laurie Barna

Mary Paquet

The warmth of the spring sun and the smells of the garden made for a perfect setting.  Irises and California Poppies are favorites and I love the contrasting colors. I used some negative painting to create the foliage. What a great day of painting! Mary Paquet

Sylvia Waddell
There were so many flowers it was hard to pick one thing to focus on! I was very taken with the lemons, the purple wisteria, and all the different greens...such fun! Sylvia

Jenny Tero
Jane's garden was colorful and peaceful, and it was a beautiful day; just the right temperature. The treats were lovely too, and much appreciated.  Jenny

Broncha Berger

I enjoyed very much painting at Jane Kwant’s garden, and learning so much from her about compost and fertilizers. No wonder her garden looks so colorful.  Broncha

Grace Tang
It was wonderful painting at Jane's garden with our fellow artists.  Every corner is a piece of art. Her house is surrounded with a vast variety of beautiful colorful flowers; a lovely vegetable garden; a harmony of flower bearing and fruit bearing bushes; a cute gold fish pond.....and it was a lovely morning! Grace Tang

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