Sunday, April 28, 2013

Linda Vista Park, Cupertino. Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Weekend Paintsites group had a special two-for-one day at Linda Vista Park in Cupertino.    Dedicated Paintsite organizers Jenny Tero & Sylvia Waddell gave an encore performance of their "Introduction to Plein Air Painting" demo.    They covered all of the little, mundane, not-specifically art related things that can be so frustrating for the plein air painter, experienced and beginner alike.     We discussed how to deal with problems never encountered in the studio:  paint and paper drying too fast, not drying at all, no shadows and then shadows shifting 180 degrees --- and that's in just one painting session!     Sylvia led us in some exercises searching for focus where there was so much to see in every direction.     After the Intro, we spread out and painted trees, distant mountains, people, playground equipment, bridges --- anything and everything.   After lunch and a brief critique, everybody went home having learned something, shared something and made some new friends.

For additional information about Linda Vista and other Cupertino parks, see:

photo by Rajit Chandra
Jenny & Sylvia discussing the finer points of successful plein air painting before an attentive audience.

Bonnie Sandler
The weather was gorgeous today! It was so much fun to see everybody's different travel palettes and other equipment.   I loved the sweep of the land at the park.  That's what I tried to show in my painting.  A big thank you to Jenny and Sylvia for their informative talk about pleine air painting.  I'm enjoying getting to know the different members of this organization. You're a lively group!   Bonnie

Caroline Garbarino
Thanks for the excellent introduction to plein air painting.   I knew there would be some information I could use. I'm glad you encouraged us to put figures in our paintings--this creates a real challenge with a wonderful result. In an attempt to "break out of my box," I tried a loose style, using your 5-5-30 rule. Together,you two are both informative and entertaining teachers!
For twelve years, I lived near the Cupertino hills and have never been to this park.
Thanks for another grand adventure, Caroline

Marilyn Perry
The plein air lesson had a good turnout, and I hope that many of the new people turn into regulars.  I chose this subject because I felt that my sketchbook was in need of more red.  Marilyn
Brad Santos
It's rare that plein air painters confront such in-your-face primary colors in the average landscape.   So a number of us jumped at the chance to paint the bright blue, red & yellow playground equipment.    Each time Jenny & Sylvia give a demo I learn something new and useful --- I'm working on a wish-list for future demos.    Brad
Jenny Tero
I used the perspex viewer and erasable marker for this, and was surprised how much larger the figure came out than I would have drawn her freehand, probably because I was really focusing on the playground equipment with the figure as incidental.  But this looks in balance, so I was pleased with the result, even though the equipment got a bit wobbly.   Jenny
Rajit Chandra
After a very successful day at the pleinair painting introduction, in Linda Vista Park, by Jenny and Sylvia, I learned to sketch fast and to connect with the landscape and people around me.   Afterwards as we settled down to our various spots around the park, to paint on our own, I decided to sketch my fellow painter Dick Zunkel concentrating on his painting that you see above.   The sketch was not on watercolor paper, so I added some water color lightly on the sketch to complete the painting.   Thank you Jenny and Sylvia for making the art lesson so much fun.   Rajit

Broncha Berger
This plein air outing made my day!     Broncha

Dick Zunkel
The Saturday paintout and introduction to plein air painting was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed the day.The bright spring sunlight enriched the many colors of Linda Vista Park. The serene atmosphere made for very pleasant painting day.    Dick

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  1. Loving all this work. Congratulations to the plein air painters, a courageous lot, both new and experienced. Working outside with the real thing is such a pleasure!