Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pueblo Day Use Area, Santa Teresa County Park, April 4, 2013

Ever wondered if it's possible to get frostbite in April in the Santa Clara Valley?     Probably not.    In the hills above the Valley, however, the answer is "yes" ---  we weren't quite prepared for such a cold early April plein air session but we hung in there and did our best to capture the beautiful Spring greens on the hillsides and in the just leafed out trees.     There's so much to paint:   lovely hillsides, rock formations, and distant valley and mountain vistas that we're already planning a return visit.   When it's warm. 

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Mary Paquet
"Ancient Rocks." These old rocks were quite lovely with hardy bushes snuggled against them. I liked the old fence posts climbing across and up the hillside. Though we had to brave cool, damp, windy weather, it was a treat to share companionship with my fellow artists in the midst of such natural beauty.    Mary

Mary Paquet
"Spring in Santa Teresa Park." I was loving the overcast clouds over the Santa Teresa Hills and the mist over the mountains.   Mary

For more of Mary's comments and photos of the park, please check out: 

Brad Santos

Greens and greys kept me occupied; a Western Bluebird kept me entertained --- and I hardly noticed the hypothermia creeping in.    Brad
Brad Santos
One of those vistas where there's a temptation to put down one's brush and follow the trail down the valley to see what lies beyond.   Brad

Jenny Tero
With a fierce, chill wind blowing this was a challenge.  At home I added a blue wash in parts to try to convey the dullness of the day. Jenny
Jenny Tero
Us hardy plein-airers stuck it out and the temperature had risen a bit after lunch.  The sky was still grey and "threatening" - it actually makes a nice change from all that Californian blue.  Jenny

Caroline Garbarino

The view of Mt. Hamilton was spectacular on the sunny Wednesday on which I painted. Santa Teresa County Park is enormous and offers a good composition almost everywhere you look. I eliminated the "little boxes made ofticky tacky" on Hwy. 101 South to draw attention to the mountain. Thanks for introducing me to this new wonderland.    Caroline

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