Friday, December 6, 2013

Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz, Thursday, December 5, 2013

It was cold but not too cold, (more like "brisk" or "bracing"), for our annual "Desserts & Savories"  Pot-luck Paint-out in Santa Cruz.    And in spite of the "briskness" (actually bordering on numbness), it was a beautiful, sunny, clear day with only a mild sea-breeze; we were all inspired to paint the interesting rock formations, the beach, or the wind contorted trees.    And happy to share the bounty of appetizers, desserts, hot soup brought by Dick & Yan, and hot coffee & tea provided by Jenny & Sylvia. 
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Upcoming Paintouts and other Watercolor Society events:
  • Thursday, December 19, 2013:  Santa Clara Civic Center Park followed by a visit to the Statewide Painting Competition/Exhibit in the nearby Triton Museum.
  • Saturday, December 21, 2013:  Japanese Friendship Garden, Kelley Park, San Jose
  • Saturday, January 18, 2014: Watercolor Society Annual Holiday Party, Saratoga
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Getting very chilly by lunch time, and too cold to sit down and eat - it was a lovely spread though. 
Artists on the beach:
Laurie Barna

Sylvia Waddell keeping warm

Here are some snapshots taken during the critique --- some are finished (check back for the properly scanned images), others were not yet been completed (check back for the finished work)...

Mike Bailey

Here are some finished paintings:
Dick Zunkel

Sylvia Waddell
Sun, Wind, Waves - an exhilarating day by the sea! There were lots of birds on the rocks, but I left them until last in my painting and by that time most of them had flown away. The lunch was a lovely spread. Thanks to everyone who contributed.  Sylvia
Jenny Tero
It was only 52 degrees all day, but the sun was warm, the ocean crashing against the rocks was magnificent, and the food we all shared was delicious.
Brad Santos
A beautiful wintry day, talented artists and hordes of exuberant school kids enjoying their day at the beach - what's not to like.    Brad

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