Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weekend Paintsites Japanese Friendship Garden, Saturday December 21, 2013

The sky was clear and blue as our artists arrived for the Weekend Paintsite at the Japanese Friendship Garden. Many of our group chose to render the bright red traditional arched bridge while others ventured further into the park to find interesting sites. We welcomed guest Cindy Ling, a versatile artist to our plein air outing.

Wildlife inspects the artist

Showing their stuff

Lunch on the green

Brad Santos
The two weeping willows by the Tea House have surprisingly held their spectacular Fall colors so I couldn't resist taking a try at them.    Lots of Mallards, a pair of Mergansers, and a solitary egret provided additional interest but they didn't stay in one place long enough for me to capture their images.    Overall, it was a perfect day and, in the more protected lower pond area, unlike the past few paintouts, I didn't even need my fingerless gloves.     Brad

John Ediger
What fun!

Marilyn Perry
I thought I would paint the red bridge until I saw the beautiful yellow willows reflecting in the lower pool which also had mergansers, egret, mallards, and koi fish.  I had to change my plans. Marilyn

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