Friday, December 20, 2013

Santa Clara Civic Center Park & 2013 California Statewide Painting Competition at Triton Museum. Thursday, December 19, 2013

What started out as an overcast, cold morning which didn't seem too promising (after 11 straight smoggy, grey, Spare-the-Air days) turned into a clear, sunny, brisk day once Jenny & Sylvia were on site.  (They always bring the sunshine with them!)    We skipped the usual post-painting critique and headed over to the Triton Museum for a no-holds-barred critique of those paintings.  (We felt pretty safe doing this as none of the artists were there to defend themselves.   And the paintings were all so wonderful that we found we didn't have anything critical to say anyway --- what a disappointment.)

For more information about the Santa Clara Civic Center Park, go to:

For information about the Statewide Painting Competition at the Triton, go to:
Note: the exhibition runs through February 2, 2014

Upcoming Watercolor Society events:
  • Saturday, December 21, 2013:  Weekend Paintout at Japanese Friendship Garden, Kelly Park, San Jose
  • Thursday, January 2, 2014:   Palo Alto Baylands Park
  • Saturday, January 18, 2014:   Annual Holiday Party (RSVP by January 13, 2014.   Bring your 2013 plein air paintings and sketchbooks --- they'll be displayed on the big stage.)
Reference the Watercolor Society website for additional information.

What we did:
Marilyn Perry
When I first arrived, I thought the wind was much too cold, but I found a sunny, somewhat protected place to sit, and it turned out to be a very pleasant painting morning.    Marilyn

Brad Santos
Normally, when we're painting in public places, most passers-by like to stop and chat; maybe even wish they could trade places with us.   This time, I was envying them the nice warm offices they were heading for without pausing for even a moment to see what we were doing.     Brad
Jenny Tero
The park area around the City Hall offices provided lots of interesting trees, and benches from which to paint them. Orginally we were going to paint at the front of the park along El Camino, but it was so bitterly cold we retreated to the shelter of the buildings and   trees. Jenny
Jane Saltman

Jane Saltman
The Sculpture Garden hidden in the redwoods behind the Triton Museum was a an ideal spot to sketch. I found a sunny bench (a welcome spot on this cool morning) in front of an unnamed sculpture of a man and women (I named them Adam and Eve) with 2 wolves.   Jane 

Caroline Garbarino

The entrance to the Triton reminded me of an Egyptian promanade. Entering a painting for the blog provides a way for me to discipline myself to finish. I hope to make more time for painting in the New Year. Thanks for a museum adventure. Let's see more shows!

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