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Moffett Field, Mt. View, Thursday, October 2, 2014

Summer was officially over September 21st but you wouldn't have known that from the temperature --- 90+ degrees!  (Actually, it was the proverbial "dry" heat which desert residents always say isn't so bad -- and, with a gentle breeze coming off the Bay and plenty of shady places to set-up, it wasn't.)      Plus there's lots to paint at Moffett:  the obvious choice is the de-skinned (?) Hangar One but a fire fighting exercise on the apron next to Hangar One, the bold red & white Water Tower, aircraft on static display, and the Chapel and old HQ building adjacent to the Parade Ground all attracted at least one artist.  And some bolder members of the group got all of the elements in one painting.

Special thanks to our host for the day ---  the Moffett Field Historical Society Museum  which is worth a dedicated trip to Moffett.   There's lots of stuff, including some paintings from our last trip there in 2011, packed into a small space and a group of knowledgeable and friendly docents.    (If you go, be prepared to show photo ID at the main gate and tell the NASA guard you're going to the Museum.    Admission to Moffett is free, there is a charge for the Museum.)

Upcoming Paintsites and Special Events:
  • Thursday, October 16, 2014:   Ardenwood Historic Farm, Fremont
  • Saturday, October 18, 2014:  Annual Member Show Paintout - Triton Museum, Santa Clara.
    • 11:00 AM     Ink & Wash Demo by Dick Zunkel 
    • 2:00 PM     Reception and Show - participants and observers welcome
  • Thursday, October 30, 2014:  Hike & Sketch - Alviso Marina County Park, Alviso
Check the October Newsletter or Society Website for additional information and details.

Painting in the shade of the old gas station across from the Museum, the Water Tower and Hangar One was .... 

Broncha's painting of the Water Tower
Melanie's painting of the Water Tower, the Museum & Hangar One
Anu's painting of Hangar One
Left to right: Yan, Dick, Leonard (standing), Sylvia (standing), Broncha, and Jane
Leonard's painting of Hangar One
Cathy, not leaving anything to chance, brought her own shade.
Cathy's painting of  the Water Tower, Museum & Hangar One
Jenny & husband John (John is a natural when it comes to drawing)
Jenny's painting of  the Water Tower
Jenny's painting of fire-fighting exercise
The Water Tower & Museum
Sylvia eschewed Hangar One and went for Hangar Two
Sylvia's painting of the fire fighting exercise
Sylvia's very accurate painting of a strange looking NASA plane - honestly, that's what it looked like.
A more conventional looking aircraft painted by Anna
Brad's painting of Hangar One
 Meanwhile, over on the Parade Ground:

Anna's painting of the Base Chapel
Anna's painting of the old HQ
Note:  Anna has recently had some remarkable accomplishments on the national scene:  recognition in the September, 2014, Southwest Art Magazine and in the just published Artistic Touch 6.   To read about these, check out:    and

Doug's painting of the Base Chapel
John's painting of the HQ building
Mary's painting captured everything:  Hangar One, the Water Tower, the old HQ, the flag, fall foliage
Dick painting the old HQ, the Water Tower & Hangar One
Jane & Jenny painting the same scene.
Admiring each others paintings during the critique ...
still checking things out ...
while Don, Doug, & John discussed some fine points of ...
our day's work.

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  1. Thank you for these pictures - I just found them online. My father was a sailor stationed at Moffett in the early 1950's and my parents were married at the chapel in 1955. My father recently passed away and it was a treasure to find these gems. Thank you!