Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kirk-Farrington House, San Jose. Thursday, March 19, 2015

What a day we had!   We had: (a) incredible weather; (b) a fantastic site: a handsome 1878 Victorian house, heritage trees including two magnificent Magnolias which may the largest in California, and, if that isn't enough to create subject overload, hundreds of spectacular tree peonies - maybe just a bit past their peak bloom but awesome nonetheless; (c) a wonderful host, Pam, who, even though she sees the garden every day, shared our enthusiasm for it; and (d) lots of wonderful, fun people who just happen to be fine artists as well.     See for yourself ....

Farrington Historical Foundation Executive Director Pam Bliss -- our wonderful hostess

For additional information about the Kirk-Farrington House, check out their website:

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  • Thursday, April 30, 2015: Chateau CharMarron Peony Garden, San Jose (11:30 start time)

The house isn't large but is nicely proportioned and very well maintained.   It was a popular subject.


Dan's painting of the Farrington House

Dick - staying cool in his shade was in a "reflection" mood

Dick's painting of Farrington House corner windows

another reflection by Dick

new member Jayne
Jayne's painting of the entrance to the Farrington House

Jayne's second painting of a fellow artist

Leslie's painting of the front of the house

Marion and Leslie
Marion's small sketch of the house

Marion's finished painting of the house


Melanie's painting of the house


Sylvia's painting of the side of the house from the tree peony garden
Leslie and John

John's painting of the house
Bobbi's sketch of the house

Bobbi's finished studio painting of the house

 Behind the Farrington House is a lovely little gazebo framed with wisteria:

Helen working on the gazebo

Helen's painting of the gazebo

Leslie's sketch of the gazebo with the artists eating lunch

An old, stand-alone bell and some of the fine specimen trees were also worthy subjects:
Candy's painting of the bell


Broncha's painting of some of the Kirk-Farrington trees

And of course there were the tree peonies .....


Bonnie's painting of a trio of tree peony blossoms


Candy's painting of a tree peony peeking thru the fence

Cathy is, happily for everybody, back with us

as is Alwyn, the Paintsites mascot

Cathy's painting of a trio of tree peony blossoms

Cathy's painting of a trio plus one

Lisha surrounded by tree peonies

Lisha's painting of tree peony blossoms

Sylvia's painting of single tree peony blossom

Liz's painting of a particularly beautiful tree peony blossom

Marilyn (and her new hat)

Marilyn's painting of a tree peony blossom
Brad's painting of a yellow tree peony
Pam told me something of the history of this variety --- it occurred to me that the hybridizers are consummate artists in their own right.   Brad

Iris in the shade of one of the big magnolias


Yan in the tree peony "forest"

After lunch, the critique ...

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  1. Thank you all for being such great guests in our garden. You are welcome to come back anytime to paint.