Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekend Paintsites Rapid Fire Paint and Sketch, Esther Clark Park, Los Altos Hills, CA July 18, 2015

Commentary by Uma Kelkar, Weekend Paintsites Leader:

"It was the morning of July 18 and we had a special plein air session today - Rapid Fire - a short 1 & 1/2 hour of quick sketching before we headed to the Town Hall in Los Altos where 3 artists were to demonstrate their portrait skills. Allison Turner and I perched ourselves in the open space after calculating that the current large cloud would give us cloud cover for the next 20 minutes before unveiling the sun. Our precise calculations, rapid & confident sketching even when Allison had a horse come by to say hello - really - paid off. Allison made 4 sketches, all while giggling and enjoying herself and I made two and didn't say hello to any horse. My summer's aim is to paint eucalyptus trees better. They have a characteristic athletic look about their trunks with leaves which are still deciding on their color. So, they end up with many different hues and shades all in at once and for watercolors that easily mix, it becomes a challenging topic to handle. After doing a semi ink + watercolor painting, I focused on one tree in a parting attempt. Not satisfied with just under an hour of actual sketching, I also took my book and pens to the demonstration afterwards. While the demonstrators toiled away, I sketched them and the camera man who was recording the session."

Alison Turner painting the field

The Field

Alison's rapid-fire paintings

Uma's rendering of artist Alison

Uma's textures and colors

Uma's sketch inside the Special Event

Uma's sketch of the cameraman

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