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Santa Clara Mission, Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mission Santa Clara de Asis, the eighth Spanish mission in California, was founded in 1777 by Franciscan priest Junipero Serra. In 1850 the Jesuit Order took over the Mission, in 1851 Father John Nobili, S.J. began a college on the mission, and this grew into Santa Clara University, the oldest university in California.

The Mission was beautiful as usual, but we always time our visits to coincide with University Spring Break which also coincides with the wisteria blooming beautifully.  This time the wisteria lured many of our artists away from the Mission itself and into the Mission Gardens where our artists also got great views of Nobili Hall, named after the university founder.

We were really cutting it close regarding the weather: our paintsite was scheduled to begin at 10 AM, and at 8 AM it was still raining.  The weather forecast promised that the rain was ending very soon, and the SCU campus surrounding the Mission has many covered areas to seek shelter should an unexpected shower arise, so the paintsite took place as scheduled, and we were not troubled by rain.

For more information about the Mission and Mission Gardens see:

Upcoming Paintsites.  See the SCVWS website or the April Newsletters for details.
  • Thursday, Apr 4, Private Garden in San Jose
  • Thursday, Apr 11, Paintsite or Hike & Sketch at Rancho CaƱada del Oro OSP, Morgan Hill
  • Saturday, Apr 13, Hidden Villa, Los Altos Hills
  • Thursday, Apr 18, Hakone Garden, San Jose
  • Thursday, Apr 25, Nola's Iris Garden, San Jose

SCVWS Annual Exhibit
  • Exhibit Runs from February 28 - May 1, 2019 at the Addison-Penzak JCC, 14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos
  • Open Mon - Fri 5AM -10PM, Sat-Sun 7AM-7AM,
  • Closed after 5PM on April 19 and all day April 20
  • April 14, 12 noon - 1 PM Karen Olsen demonstrates Wet in Wet Watermedia Painting, 2nd Floor, Addison-Penzac JCC
  • April 14, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM "What Makes a Winner" Walk and Talk through the exhibit by John Gianotti 2nd  Floor 
Artists and their artwork:

Santa Clara Mission

The wisteria arbor is over 140 years old


Mindy's painting of the wisteria arbor 


Jane's painting of the wisteria arbor and Nobili Hall


Helen's painting of the wisteria arbor and Nobili Hall

Edward, Jane, and Helen

Edward's painting of the wisteria arbor and Nobili Hall

Lora is sitting in an opening in the Adobe Wall, erected in
1822, and one of the oldest structures on campus

Lora's painting of the wisteria arbor and Nobili Hall

Marilyn is sitting under the wisteria arbor.

Marilyn's painting of orange flowers

Broncha is taking no chances with possible rain
by painting in a covered area of the Adobe Lodge,
also erected in 1822.

Broncha's painting of the wisteria arbor

Dick and Salinda

Salinda's painting of Nobili Hall

Dick's painting of Nobili Hall

Here are the artists who painted the Mission itself:


Santa Clara Mission


Santa Clara Mission


Detail of the Mission including the Bell Tower

Close up of wisteria

Xeuling is taking no chances with pollen from so many flowers.

We had our lunch and shared our paintings on the remnant entry porch of a previous red brick student chapel which burned down in 1926.

Marilyn is showing her own painting.  The rose garden is visible in the background.

We are admiring our paintings.  This photo shows detail of the
former student chapel porch with the Mission in the background.

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