Sunday, June 28, 2020

Week 15, June 21 - June 27, 2020

As California eases its shelter in place mandates, some of us are venturing further afield. If you are out and about, remember to check online to see what parks and open space areas are open, as well as their parking and restroom restrictions. Be careful, observe social distancing and wear a mask when others are in the area.

We will continue to publish the weekly blog during the "Shelter in Place" requirements  while Thursday and Weekend paintsites are cancelled.  We invite paintsite artists to paint or sketch during the week, pick one painting from that week and submit it by Saturday of that week. Here are some guidelines:
  • Submit a digital photo of your artwork to Cropped photos are preferred.
  • Include your name, the date and comments about the site or unique media notes.
  • Be creative! Some of your best subjects are in or around your home. You may want to paint from personal photos of your travels.
  • Submissions after Saturday midnight will appear in the following week's blog.
  • One submission per member, please.
Please check the website for Paintsites updates and the SCVWS Newsletter  for some great art opportunities during this time. Our paintsite leaders and board are having discussions about when we can resume our Thursday and Weekend group outings. Check the newsletter and website for announcements.


Tomato Plant at Campbell Park, by Susan B. G.

The Orpheum by Tanvi. "When I went to see Hamilton last year - feels like another era."

"An American red robin sitting on her nest outside my window was the perfect live model. I took a photo in case she flew away but the screen blurred the image. Luckily she stayed put until I was finished." by Jane S.

Gouache plein air painting of a sycamore near Los Alamitos Creek Trail by Annie 

Mt. Shasta View by Caroline G.

"My Hidden Villa entry of the Baaaarnyaaaard Baaabies" by Alison

Frederick’s Field by Dick

Frederick’s Field by Salinda

Shelter in place piece by Joseph R.

Potted plants by Indira

"This is a cactus garden in a front yard in a nearby neighborhood. Lots of unusual cactuses!" by Leslie

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