Thursday, November 15, 2012

Palo Alto Baylands, November 15, 2012

Mild temperatures; mostly blue skies with interesting and unusual (for the Bay Area) clouds; a very high tide which changed narrow channels into lakes and back again in just a few hours; shorebirds, waterfowl and raptors; colorful salt marshes; hardly any wind which made for strong reflections; and a talented group of plein air painters made for another successful paint-out.  Brad

For additional information about the Palo Alto Baylands, see:

Leslie Grimm
It was a cloudy morning but the sun came out occasionally to add some color.  The pigeons in the tree wouldn't stay put -- they kept surrounding me on the ground chirping hungrily whenever I got something out of my pack!  Leslie

Caroline Garbarino
Palo Alto Baylands, Behind the Duck Pond.  Caroline

Anna Jacke
I went to Baylands yesterday after lunch and again this morning to finish up my painting.   My mother-in-law is here visiting for the next 2 weeks so I am working around her needs.   She was in the car reading a book while I watched the storm clouds roll in.  Anna
Dick Zunkel
What a great place! Just to sit and watch the wildlife is worth the trip. To paint there is the ultimate enjoyment of the site.   Dick

Marilyn Perry

 The highest tide I had ever seen at Palo Alto Baylands was caused because the moon closest to earth (perigee) occurred just after new moon when earth and moon were aligned. Marilyn

Marilyn Perry
Black-necked Stilt.   Marilyn

Brad Santos

Normally we find our Fall colors in trees --- but at the Baylands, Fall color is underfoot, (even underwater at high tide), in the pickleweed.  Brad
Jenny Tero
This was the view from the small platform at the end of the Visitor Center's boardwalk - a very peaceful spot.  Jenny

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  1. I love the palette.The red in the bushes at the back of the pond adds a punch which is just enough. Yummy!