Thursday, November 1, 2012

Harris - Lass Historical Museum, Santa Clara, November 1, 2012

Another great turnout on another dreary day.   But with so much of interest to paint: the mansion and its collection of mid-19th to early-20th Century furniture and household items, a barn, water tower, farm implements, and lovely gardens; there wasn't time to notice, let alone complain about, the weather.   Brad

For more information about the Harris - Lass Historical Museum see: 

Leslie Grimm

This stove was probably state-of-the-art 100 years ago!  All those ovens and burners!  And it's in great condition today. Leslie

Dick Zunkel
Wanna paint loose?  Try painting in a light rain. Painting in a light rain makes for an interesting piece.  This rendering was with water soluble calligraphy ink with watercolor wash on Canson 140.  Dick

Keiko O'Leary
 ... a little sketch of the Harris-Lass house ... Keiko
Brad Santos

Farming must have been hard work a century and a half ago but at least at the end of the workday the Harris and Lass families had a beautiful place to come home to.  Brad

Sylvia Waddell

This old farmhouse is a treasure trove and every little corner has something interesting to intrigue the eye. Sylvia

Marilyn Perry

Jenny Tero

I sat in the barn to avoid the rain and had a perfect view of the back of the Harris Lass House. This was my first version, with only a light wash attempted - the paint just would not dry.  I finished it off at home.  The second one was done in pen and dipping ink, a little less formal, but I preferred this "fussy" one.   Jenny

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  1. Brad, I love the way you finished up your painting. You have great perspective on the house and the flowers are wonderful. Another little gem!