Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Castle Rock State Park, October 25, 2012

Although the forecast was for eventual clearing, alternating mist and drizzle had us considering  calling off the Hike & Sketch.   But with each new arrival, our resolve strengthened.    So, six strong, we set out for the park's namesake rock formation.     We stopped along the trail was to paint  an interesting red vine or tall broadleaf tree amongst the conifers in the misty distance.   As we finished, the drizzle intensified and we again considered calling it a day when Jenny and Sylvia arrived and said "Don't you dare (back out now)" or words to that effect.    So we pressed on to the "big rocks" for another round of sketching and painting.     With the weather clearing, Jenny led us on some lesser know trails towards a second major rock formation.     The sun, lunch and one more painting session and it was time to head for home.   All in all, a challenging but successful and fun day!   Brad

Jenny Tero
The paths were much steeper and treacherous than I ever remember them being, and when we had scrambled to to this spot I, for one, was going no further. The mist and damp must have encouraged the moss, which was on trees and rocks, and my painting hopefully show that and the path back down the hill.

Jane Saltman

I couldn’t resist this old soul of an Arbutus standing tall against the mossy forest background. 

Jane Saltman

After a damp and misty hike in the woods, the sun finally came out just as we approached a lookout below Goat Rock. The view was spectacular and the mist rolling in and out over the hills made it even more intriguing.

Brad Santos
 This is a collaboration between my few dabs of color and lots of Mother Nature's drizzle.

Liz Siegel
It was a rainy day but turned out to be so much fun...tree's are a challenge for me, and there were so many beautiful trees I got lots of practice
Sylvia Waddell

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  1. Wow! I have hiked here before, I know the scene that Jane Saltman drew in her Goat Rock sketch. Very nice.

    Brad - way to go! I love the angle and the amalgam is great. Back to drawing = a lot of people would not be able to get this perspective right and you did - that means you are an artist whole lot better than most of us. Rats.