Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Paintsite Wildwood Park, Saturday October 20th 2012

Wildwood Park is in the heart of Saratoga city on Fourth Street. On Saturday, October 20, 2012, we (a group of eight painters) spent an enjoyable morning to early afternoon, painting in the park. The shadows from direct and reflected light appealed to me and inspired me to paint the trees. Rajit Chandra.

Uma Kelkar
I have found that when I paint what I feel, the painting reflects the emotion back making it a successful piece. There are times when I need to curb this transparency between my paintings and my mind. My work at Wildwood Park, being an example - having done too many things in the morning, my flustered and disorientated mind found the scene of the brook with overgrown vegetation attractive.  The result speaks for itself! To some viewers, the painting might look wholesome because its speaks of the clutter in nature that we come across, to me however, the artist’s job is to weed out the point of interest and in that, I failed. Uma

Sylvia Waddell
I had so much fun with my brushpens trying to do some value studies that I didn't even get my paints out! Sylvia

Brad Santos
We had an absolutely perfect day for the re-birth of the Weekend Paintsites in Wildwood Park in Saratoga.     Such a small park but so many interesting things to paint:  many species of trees - most quite large and picturesque, with some just starting to turn; the Coast Range in the background; and the merry little creek gurgling along.     I parked myself as close to the creek as I could and found lots (too much it turned out) to paint: rocks, trees with gnarly exposed roots, the water flowing around and over the rocks and lots of orange and yellow fallen leaves.     A bonus was the sound of the creek which was just enough to mask all of the urban sounds and really draw me into the place aurally as well as visually.  Brad

Rajit Chandra

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