Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pao-Hua Buddhist Temple, McKee Road, San Jose. October 18, 2012

Another really hot day took us by surprise - this is the middle of October!  Fortunately the courtyard of the temple grounds had lots of shade.  The buildings were inspiring, the interiors colorful and serene, and the insense that was burning everywhere made for a tranquil, relaxing day. 

Jenny Tero
This was a quick sketch on Tyvek paper; you can't help but be loose with this rather slick paper. Just wish I could achieve that on the regular w/c paper. Jenny

Caroline Garborino

Leslie Grimm
 The smell of incense burning while we painted and the unusually warm weather made this a very relaxing painting experience! Leslie

Marilyn Perry
 Many people reverently worshiped at this shrine at the Pao-Hua Buddhist Temple while I was sketching.  It bothers me that I don't know what Buddhist deity this is, so I will keep searching for information. Marilyn

Sylvia Waddell


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