Friday, October 5, 2012

Santa Cruz Paintout 2012

The Santa Cruz Paintout was a great success. Thank you to Karen and Jeanne for organizing it. Here are some of the paintings.
Brad Santos
 I've had this "marine" format (6" X 18") paper for some time but not used it much as it's a little awkward to handle.  It was, however,  perfect for the Capitola paint-site as I could include lots of my favorite subjects --- the ocean, an old wharf, coastal bluffs, a railroad trestle, an art deco-ish bridge, buildings old & new, colorful & muted, and some reflections in the near foreground ---  all on one piece of paper. Brad

Sylvia Waddell
We had another fun day at the coast. Boats are a little tricky to draw - but these "bits" of boats worked for me! Sylvia

Dick Zunkel
As we walked out on the jetty a "sleeper wave" crashed against the seawall splashing over half the height of the Walton Lighthouse.  I attempted to capture this scene using masking fluid, magic eraser, scratching, and a pale wash of Payne's Gray for the shadow inside the plume. I rendered this in water soluble ultra black calligraphy ink and Holbein transparent watercolor paint on a block of 300 lb. Arches paper.  Dick

Jenny Tero
I needed some masking fluid or white paint for this one - just imagine those white masts.

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