Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jose Higuera Adobe, Milpitas, October 5th 2012

The building we see today is only a fairly recent structure, build to protect the ruins of the old adobe constructed in the 1800's. However, the fig, pepper and olive trees are original, having most likely been planted in the 1830's. It was a lovely quiet spot to paint on the day we were there.

Leslie Grimm
I almost didn't go to the site since I was feeling a little out of sorts, but sitting quietly and painting this peaceful scene restored my sense of balance.  And, the presence of the wild turkeys at the site was a delight! Leslie

Anna Jacke
This week's paintsite was picture perfect with rolling hills, pepper trees, cactus plants and clear blue skies.  One could not ask for better conditions to paint.  The sunlight illuminated the golden hills behind the adobe, adding sufficient contrast to the subject matter. Anna

Brad Santos
The little Jose Higuera Adobe is actually a pretty uninteresting structure but the setting is wonderful with a variety of handsome old trees flanking the adobe and steep hills behind.   For most of the day the hills looked more brown than golden but, just before we left, the sun swung enough so that they were once again truly golden --- too late for this painting but still beautiful. Brad

Dick Zunkel
I drew the adobe and the foreground with water soluble calligraphy ink and painted the background without the pen and ink rendering.  I will experiment with this "half and half" treatment in the future. Dick

Sylvia Waddell
Last time we were here my painting was a little washed out so this time I tried to punch up the color and be a bit bolder with the paint. Sylvia

Jenny Tero
California gold!  I saw the cattle behind the first ridge when I stood up, so they went in afterwards.

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