Sunday, November 11, 2012

Presidio Santa Clara - SCVWS Member paintings on display

Artists (L-R) Jenny Tero, Jennifer Kretschmer, Brad Santos, Terri Hill(front) Joyce Koeplin, Anna Jacke & Rajit Chandra
On November 8th 2012 members of SCVWS attended the grand opening for Presidio Santa Clara - a beautiful new affordable housing complex on El Camino Real. Terri Hill has two paintings hanging in the main reception area and fifteen other members have their paintings of Santa Clara Mission displayed throughout the building. The paintings of the Mission were a result of collaboration with Core Affordable Housing who wanted to feature local artists and the historic Mission. SCVWS held a special paintout at the Mission and the resulting paintings were framed and hung by the company. In exchange for our efforts Core Affordable Housing gave SCVWS a generous donation.
Artists whose work is featured in the new building: Rajit Chandra, Diane Daily, Chris Edwards, Alan Geller,Terri Hill, Anna Jacke, Joyce Koeplin, Jennifer Kretshmer, Iris Lian, Rita Louis, Kaaren Marquez, Grace Rankin, Brad Santos, Jenny Tero, Sarah Wajihuddin, and Dick Zunkel.  Art from the Mission paintout can be seen on the September page of this blog.  
Check out more photos on Anna Jacke's picasa page:

Dick Zunkel, Brad Santos, Anna Jacke and some of the Mission paintings on permanent display

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