Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hakone Gardens, Saratoga. Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hakone Gardens is one of the places that we absolutely relish visiting so when Kay Duffy offered to arrange an informal Hakone Paintsites "class" for us, we jumped at the chance.   It was a little on the cool side for early May and there was occasional mist bordering on drizzle but that didn't dampen our enthusiasm and, in fact, provided some interesting texture to some of the paintings (look closely at Candy's "Wisteria Pavilion" in particular).  Somebody mentioned that it was "better than salt" --- try doing that in your studio.    

Kay Duffy, our hostess, sponsor and leader for the day.  (The painting of the Wisteria Pavilion on her easel was done earlier this Spring so, as much as you might wish to, you won't see any more wisteria paintings in this posting.   Maybe next time.)  
(Note:  Kay teaches a watercolor class at Hakone Gardens every 2nd & 4th Monday from 9:30 - noon.   See the SCVWS Newsletters or for details.)

For more information about Hakone Gardens, visit their website:

Upcoming Paintsites:
  • Thursday, May 12, 2016:  Jos. Grant County Park - Hike & Sketch or Sit & Paint, San Jose
  • Thursday, May 19, 2016:  Sawyer Camp Trail (10:00 AM = regular time) and Filoli Artist Access.  3:30 - 6:30 PM.   (Pre-registration required:  there may still be open slots - check to find out if it's still possible to join the group.)
  • Thursday, May 26, 2016:  Anna Cook's Mexican Garden, Saratoga 
Details can be found on the SCVWS website and in the May Newsletter.    Keep checking your e-mail or the SCVWS website Home Page for cancellation notices.  Also the Sunday e-notifications for specific driving and parking directions --- especially for the Sawyer Camp Trail paintout on the 19th as road work requires we take a circuitous route to get to the site.

Other upcoming local events of interest to plein air painters:

Of interest to everybody is the upcoming Silicon Valley Open Studios.   Many Paintsites regulars are participating this year.   You know how good their plein air work is ... this is an opportunity to see some of their wonderful studio work.    The SVOS catalog can be viewed online at:

Hakone Gardens ...
The Koi Pond and Moon Bridge:  Our favorite subject ...

Candy (note the orange jacket).

Candy's painting of the Moon Bridge.
Helen's painting of the Moon Bridge.   (Remember the orange jacket? - that's Candy standing on the bridge.)
Iris' painting of the Moon Bridge.

Jane P.

Thursday Paintsites co-coordinator Jane S.

Jane S.' painting of the Moon Bridge and Candy, "The Woman in Orange".
Jayne's journal entry painting of the Moon Bridge.
Kaaren's painting of the Moon Bridge and Jane S. in a Paintsites first - a "posed" model.
Rich's painting of the Moon Bridge and the twisted tree - but from the side opposite that of the preceding paintings.

Brad's unfinished painting of the Moon Bridge and the Moonviewing House.
There are more "greens" in this garden than Winsor & Newton could ever dream of --- which presents a challenge for artists but a delight for lovers of beauty.   Brad.

Kathy W.

Kathy's Moon Bridge painting.

Katherine's painting of water lilies in the Koi Pond.
The Moonviewing House:   


Sherrie's journal entry painting of the Moonviewing (Upper) House.
Thursday Paintsites co-coordinator Marilyn
Marilyn's painting of the Moonviewing House.

Waterfalls and the Camellia Garden:

Salinda's captured both the waterfalls and the Moon Bridge in her painting.


Dick's painting of the waterfalls flowing thru the Camellia Garden into the Koi Pond.

Carole's painting of the waterfalls dropping thru the Camellia Garden.

The Bamboo Garden: 
Jane S.' small sketch of some bamboo.

 The Wisteria Pavilion (Paintings of and from):
Wisteria Pavilion - imagine what it looks like when it's in full bloom!   That's Kay and Lisha on the right.

Nora's painting of the Koi Pond and the Wisteria Pavilion.

Candy's painting of the Koi Pond and the Wisteria Pavilion.  (Note the patterns which the mist created.)

Lisha's painting of a red Japanese Maple, its reflection in the Koi Pond, and a bronze stork on a small island.

Candy's painting of one particularly bright koi.
Candy's painting of two koi.

Joy's painting of red Maples and conifers beyond the pond's stony border.

Joe's pine tree near the foot of the Moon Bridge and the stone steps leading up to the bridge.


Patti - Kay's guest for the day.
Patti's dreamy painting has a great sense of place.

Lunch in the Picnic Area - we actually had enough picnic tables to accommodate everybody.  (photo by Rich)

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