Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weekend Paintsites Santana Row Saturday May 28,2016

Wow! So many beautiful cars on one street.  Our weekend painters had a rainbow of color and exotic automobiles to render at Santana Row. The event was the monthly "Cars and Croissants" show held each month on the fourth Saturday. The weather was perfect as we captured the spirit of the show and the attending crowds.

Kaaren and son Jack

Kaaren's rendering of a Ford GT
Kaaren's grayscale sketch

Jack's Cobra... where does he get this talent?

The pair of Ford GT's were the artists' favorite
Dick's sketch of the Ford GT
Dick chats with the owners of the Ford GT

The other rare Ford GT 
Dick put the GT in motion

Salinda's Ford GT
Suhita at work. She was everywhere!

Suhita also liked the GT
Suhita renders GT admirers
Suhita's figures captured the excitement of the day
Suhita found another exotic car to complete the set
Alison found beauty in Santana Row beyond cars
Alison's spirit of Santana Row

Artists gather at Pinkberrys to compare notes
Plein-air artists show their stuff

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