Monday, May 6, 2019

Bonus Weekend Paintsite May 4, 2019 San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

The Municipal Rose Garden was the center of the universe Saturday. Volunteers, a wedding party, prom goers, parasoled ladies, and families were all in harmony with the roses. The garden was a buzz with friendly bees and flower lovers. Thursday regulars Brad and Janice, Caroline, and newcomers Oksana and Barbara joined Lois, Cindy, Jayne, Marilyn, and leader Alison for an aromatic and prismatic day.

How lucky we are to have had a rainy winter followed by glorious California sun. The result... an explosion of color in San Jose's Municipal Rose Garden. Our troop of watercolorists were out in force to capture the beauty and the aura of the garden. Link

Next Weekend Paintsite: May 18, Calero County Park new entrance, McKean Road at Rancho San Vicente across from Fortini Road.

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden Fountain
Rose path to the trellis 

Parasoled ladies... a tea party?

Alison's painting

Brad with his sketchbook

Cindy with her foldout sketchbook

Cindy's painting

Oksana with her paintings

Lois at one with the roses

Barbara's sketchbook

Jayne with her sketchbook

After paintout artists' display

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