Saturday, May 11, 2019

Nola's Iris Garden, Prevost Ranch, San Jose, Thursday, May 9, 2019

Nola's iris garden
Thank you, Nola, for hosting us at your beautiful iris garden again this spring.  We were there at peak bloom and there were so many irises blooming beautifully, it just took one’s breath away.  If one were to stroll around a bit, one found more iris beds and more iris beds!  And all of this beauty had the lovely background of the East Bay Hills with Mission Peak and the San Francisco Bay in the distance.  The sky remained overcast with excellent visibility which made for no sharp shadows but very comfortable painting conditions.  For additional information on Nola’s Iris Garden, check out the following link:

For additional photos of Nola’s Iris Garden, please refer to Edward Rooks’s Flickr album:

Upcoming Paintsites.  See the SCVWS website or the May and June Newsletters for details.
  • Thursday, May 16, San Jose Municipal Rose Garden
  • Saturday, May 18, Calero County Park, new entrance at Rancho San Vicente
  • Thursday, May 23, Hidden Villa, Los Altos Hills
  • Thursday, May 30, Duc Vien Buddhist Pagoda, San Jose
  • Thursday, June 6, Lake Elizabeth, Fremont
  • Saturday, June 8, Fredericks Field, Almaden Valley
  • Thursday, June 13, Casa Grande, New Almaden
  • Thursday, June 20, Maryknoll Retirement Residence, Los Altos
  • Thursday, June 27, Sunnyvale Historical Museum

Open Studios in May

Many of our Paintsite regulars will be showing their work in their own studio or sharing a studio with other artists.  Open Studios takes place the first three weekends in May, 11am to 5 pm.  A booklet with locations and examples of work is available at most area art galleries and on line at

Artists and their artwork:

Nola, our gracious hostess

More beautiful irises from Nola's garden (photo by Edward)

View from the deck looking northwest towards the East Bay Hills


Annie's watercolor of a Degas's Dancer

Brad and Bill

Brad's watercolor of a purple iris

Bill painting from the deck overlooking the fabulous view of garden
and East Bay Hills and Bay

Bill's painting of garden irises and the distant SF Bay

Broncha (photo by Edward)

Broncha's view of the iris garden looking south

Cindy (photo by Edward)

Cindy's watercolor of the multicolored iris beds


Edward's painting of the iris garden and the East Bay Hills


Elaine's painting of a cluster of irises

New Paintsites member Grace D's painting of a single iris

Helen (photo by Edward)

Helen's watercolor of a group of irises

Indira (photo by Edward)
Indira's painting of irises

Sham's painting of iris garden

Paintsite co-coordinator Jane in the garden's lower terrace
(photo by Edward)

Jane's painting of the iris garden looking south

Lora's painting of a purple iris

Paintsite co-coordinator Marilyn painting from the deck

Marilyn's watercolor of an iris set against the
the East Bay Hills 


Matt's painting of the view looking west across the ranch property

Salinda's painting of irises, foothills, and horses on the nearby hill

Tanvi, Mindy (back left) and Annie (back right) surrounded by a sea
 of iris blooms (photo by Edward)

Tanvi's watercolor of iris blooms

Mindy's watercolor of an iris and bud

Toni (photo by Edward)

Toni's painting the garden and foothills

Close-up of an iris bloom and cucumber beetle (photo by Edward)

"Smells like purple" (photo by Edward)

Artists display their artwork

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