Sunday, May 5, 2019

Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve, Santa Cruz County, Thursday, May 2, 2019

Our ‘hike and sketch’ sites are planned for locations that allow non hikers to paint nearby the parking areas and trail head, and generally, there are more hikers than non hikers. Only a short distance from the parking area Alpine Pond was a perfect spot to begin our Skyline Ridge hike or stay put. Today, the majority of the 19 artists chose to stay by the water’s edge and paint  the pond’s magnificent reflections while the rest walked a 1.5 mile loop on the the Sunny Jim, Butano View and Ipawa Trails. The steep climb up to the Butano View Trail was well worth the effort as the views of the Pacific coast and the surrounding Santa Cruz Mountains were spectacular. Our return along the Ipiwa Trail was equally rewarding with wildflower meadows in all directions plus bonus sightings of wild turkey, a sphinx moth and more. For additional information on Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve check out the following link:

For additional photos of the Skyline Ridge Paint site please refer to Edward Rooks’s Flickr account: 

Upcoming Paintsites.  See the SCVWS website or the May Newsletter for details.
  • Thursday, May 9, Nola's Iris Garden, San Jose, note change of date
  • Thursday, May 16, San Jose Municipal Rose Garden
  • Saturday, May 18, Calero County Park, new entrance at Rancho San Vicente
  • Thursday, May 23, Hidden Villa, Los Altos Hills 
  • Thursday, May 30, Duc Vien Buddhist Pagoda, San Jose

Open Studios in May

Many of our Paintsite regulars will be showing their work in their own studio or sharing a studio with other artists.  Open Studios takes place the first three weekends in May, 11am to 5 pm.  A booklet with locations and examples of work is available at most area art galleries and on line at

Artists and their artwork:

Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve - View of the coast from 
the Butano View Trail (photo by Edward)

More than half of our group decided to stay and paint near 
Alpine Pond (photo by Brad)

Hike and sketch group leaving Alpine Pond 
and heading towards the Sunny Jim Trail

Wild tom turkeys on the Butano View Trail 
(photo by Edward)

Edward and other artists painting from the Butano View Trail 
Edward's painting of the view from Butano View Trail


Tanvi's view looking down towards the
the Ipiwa Trail 

Helen and Salinda on the Ipiwa Trail

Salinda's painting of the view looking west towards the ocean

Helen's watercolor sketch of California
poppies on the Ipiwa Trail

Hikers leaving the Butano View Trail and connecting with the
Ipiwa Trail (photo by Edward)

Mindy and Lora on the Ipiwa Trail

Lora's painting of a rock outcrop on the Ipiwa Trail


Mindy's watercolor of the wildflowers on the Ipiwa Trail

Jane (photo by Salinda)

Jane's painting from the Butano View Trail included one the
preserve's wild turkeys in full display

Hike and sketch artists stop to sketch wildflowers on the Ipiwa Trail
(photo by Edward)
White lined sphinx moth laying eggs on blades of grass
(photo by Edward)

Hikers heading back to Alpine Pond (photo by Salinda)

Bill painting at Alpine pond

Bill's watercolor of the nature center and Alpine Pond reflections 

Brad's pen and ink sketch of the pond's edge


Carol's painting of Alpine Pond


Dick's sketches of the pond's reflections and the grasses


Elaine's view of Alpine Pond from the west side

 Linda, our most recent Paintsites member

Lorraine's painting of the pond and observation deck


Matt's painting capturing the view through the bullrushes


Srivani's painting of Alpine Pond

Susan B-G

Susan B-G's painting of reflections on the pond

Tiangong's painting of a view from Ipiawa Trail


View of the David C. Daniel's Nature Center

Lunch and 'show and tell'

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