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Hidden Villa, Los Altos Hills, Thursday, May 23, 2019

Frank and Josephine Duveneck, the original founders of Hidden Villa, were deeply committed to the environment and to multicultural awareness.  They purchased the property in 1924, opened the first hostel on the Pacific coast in 1937, created the first multi-racial summer camp in 1945, and provided housing for interned Japanese Americans in 1948.  Frank Duveneck founded the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club in 1933 and the founding members met in the Duveneck home.  Today the legacy continues as Hidden Villa provides community programs and school tours during the school year, hosts summer camps, and uses its organic farm, wilderness, and community to teach about the environment and social justice.  Frank Duveneck's father was a master en plein air artist, and the Hidden Villa staff is very supportive of the SCVWS paintsite artists.  Some of the leaders of the school tours encouraged their children to ask questions of us artists, giving us an enjoyable opportunity to chat with the children.

The weather was perfect for the 18 SCVWS artists who had a hard time choosing from the many possible subjects to paint:  the beautiful Duveneck home, the "White House" which was originally a stage coach stop, the "Tin Barn", the "White Barn", the hostel, many smaller farm buildings and implements, lots of water in Adobe Creek, or the animals.  The Jersey cows were very cooperative subjects and the sheep were semi-cooperative subjects.  The sow had given birth to 11 piglets just 4 days earlier, so we were not allowed in the pig barn, but we could catch glimpses of the nursing piglets inside the barn.  The Hidden Villa staff gave us permission to use their photo of the piglets outside the barn so you can see how cute they are.  A most adorable nearly 3 month old Jersey calf, Clifford, made his first appearance after lunch.

Thank you to Lindsay Hedgecock, Hidden Villa Community Programs Coordinator, for graciously hosting us and giving us a well received tour of the Duveneck home.

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Upcoming Paintsites.  See the SCVWS website or the May and June Newsletters for details.
  • Thursday, May 30, Duc Vien Buddhist Pagoda, San Jose
  • Thursday, June 6, Lake Elizabeth, Fremont
  • Saturday, June 8, Fredericks Field, Almaden Valley
  • Thursday, June 13, Casa Grande, New Almaden
  • Thursday, June 20, Maryknoll Retirement Residence, Los Altos
  • Thursday, June 27, Sunnyvale Historical Museum

Artists and their artwork

Hidden Villa pasture and barn

Morning grooming in the cow pasture

Sheep pasture
Sow and many of her 11 piglets outside the barn.
Photo by Nicole Carbone, Hidden Villa Staff Member

Jersey calf Clifford was born on March 1.  He didn't make an
appearance until our painting day was finished.


Edward's painting of the Duveneck house

Broncha's painting of the cow pasture surrounded by Los Altos Hills


Cindy's painting of grazing cows

Cindy's second painting of the cows in the pasture


Kaaren's painting of the shadows on the shed's window and wall

Kaaren's second painting 


Liz's watercolor sketch of rusted farm tools



Wendy's sketch of the Duuveneck house and garden

Mary at the entrance to the Duveneck house


Helen's sepia toned painting of the stage coach house

Leslie's watercolor of the Duveneck house patio 


Matt's painting of the view of the stage coach house and
 the surrounding foothills



Tanvi's watercolor of the youth hostel 

Lorraine's painting of a shaded trail beyond the farmyard


Mindy's watercolor sketch of a Hidden Villa sheep

Mindy's watercolor of the garden poppies


Susan J

Jane's watercolor of the cow pasture and tin barn

Caroline's painting of a volunteer in the garden

Artists viewing their work

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