Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bernal Gulnac Joyce Ranch September 20, 2012

Another beautiful day, weather perfect, and we were transported back to a by-gone era at his rural ranch in Santa Teresa.

Brad Santos
The morning started out like it was going to be the first paint-out of the Winter --- cold & grey --- instead of the last of the Summer --- but then Jenny got there and the sun came out so we had a grand day!    The hills had lost their golden glow but were still a dramatic backdrop for the old barns and farm equipment.     In the afternoon the angle of the sun was such that, from accessible areas from which to paint, both visible sides of the barns were equally in shadow which made discriminating between values somewhat difficult.   A bolder artist than I would have done something about that but I was content to paint what I saw.

Caroline Garbarino
I was fascinated by the barn. It's built split-level on a slope. Apparantly in by-gone days, land was not leveled as it is now. The colorful chaparal and hillside was inviting.

Anna Jacke
A beautifully restored barn at the Bernal Gulnac Joyce Ranch finally caught my attention after I toured the dusty grounds for more than a half hour for a  place to set up my easel.  The lighting was perfect on the barn, but my painting needed something else to give it some life -- a lone horse grazing on dry brush.

Dick Zunkel

The view from the front of the home would perhaps have made a better composition.  However, the terrain was better suited for photography than painting the house plein air.  The front porch with rocking chair reminded me of living with my aunt and uncle on an Iowa farm so many years ago.  I intentionally let the water soluble ink bleed into the paper to give the scene a look that is a little more rustic than the actual beautifully restored house.

Jenny Tero
 The best view of this wonderful old house would have out in the middle of the road on a step ladder, but in plein air painting you have to compromise!  In thinking about our upcoming session on grays I made a point of being more adventurous with the gray shadows - that explains the slightly blotchy look.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Santa Clara Mission Competition

Thanks to everyone who participated in this event.   What a wonderful collection of paintings we were able to give to Core Affordable Housing.

Brad Santos

Grace Rankin

Alan Geller

Jenny Tero (3rd place)

Chris Edwards

Anna Jacke

Kaaren Marquez (2nd place)

Rita Louis

Jennifer Kretshmer

Dick Zunkel  (1st place)

Diane Daily

Joyce Koeplin

Sarah Wajihuddin

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Savannah Chanelle Winery, September 6, 2012

A peaceful, sunny day on the mountain amongst loaded grape vines with views of the valley shrouded in mist.  Twenty artists enjoyed painting around the house, garden and the tasting room, and we were provided with some large umbrellas on the picnic tables for some welcome shade. 

Lesle Grimm

Sunny Chen

Joanne Pommers
"The Savannah-Chanelle Winery is great paintsite with many possibilities. Well worth a return visit!"

Sylvia Waddell
What a beautiful site with lots to paint. Great to see so many of our artists  in among the vines!

Brad Santos 
The small summer storms that came through the Bay Area the first week of September produced some wonderful (and rare) cloud formations for our paint-out.     I wandered out into the vineyard to find a spot from which to paint both vines and clouds.    It wasn't until I came back for lunch that someone mentioned that the area was teeming with rattlesnakes.   But the view was so wonderful I probably would have ventured out anyway.

Jenny Tero
The house wasn't really falling over!  I appreciated the bottle of Pinot Noir I received in exchange for the painting.
Marilyn Perry
The assistant winemaker told us that these 102 year old Zinfandel vines are "head pruned" which makes picking the grapes much harder, like hunting for Easter eggs.  Vines this old produce only about 1/3 as many tons per acre as young vines.  But the grapes are exceptionally good so the wine commands a high price.